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Semjong Bridge road open to traffic

Aug 24, 2012

The Semjong Bridge in Tsirang district opened to traffic yesterday. The bridge was built by the government at the cost of Nu. 13.9 million. The 33.4 metre long bridge has a carrying capacity of 18 metric tons.

The bridge will benefit more than 1,100 households with a population of over 12,000 in four Gewogs. The beneficiary Gewogs are Tsirang Toed, Phuentenchu, Sergithang and Semjong.

However, the villagers say, the bridge solves just half of their problem. The Semjong farm road which is a dire need of maintenance is their other problem.

“During monsoon season, parts of the road are washed since we do not have a proper drainage system,” said a villager from Shemshong, Thinley. Another villager, Leki, said the bridge will be rendered useless without the road.

The District Planning Officer, Ngawang Chophel, said the farm road will be renovated and maintained.  “During the 11th five year plan, through support from Government of India, we have Nu. 29 million allocated for construction and maintenance of roads.”


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