Opposition Party accuses the government of misusing FYP budget

The Opposition Party is accusing the government of dropping national priority projects to accommodate bye-election pledges and the projects in the Prime Minister’s constituency. According to a press release from the party, the government had diverted Nu 385 M to South Thimphu, Chhoekor-Tang and Monggar constituencies during the recent reprioritization of the 12th plan activities.

“We also see this as the case of misuse of power because the Prime Minister is the chairman of the GNHC and the Finance Minister is the deputy chair. And if you look at the reprioritization, the activities dropped and the resource diverted to different programmes, we see a clear abuse of power and discrimination among the constituencies,” the Opposition Leader said.

The Opposition Leader added that such a move will set a very bad precedent.

“Therefore, we request the government to reassess the prioritized or de-prioritized activities and do it in accordance with the prevailing laws of the country.”

The party also says the government’s use of the General Reserve Fund for the developmental activities in Paro is a breach of the Constitution and Public Finance Act. As per the press release, ‘the misuse of the General reserve Fund’ will bring imbalance to the Resource Allocation Formula which requires ensuring equitable and balanced development through fair distribution of public resources. The press release states that the reprioritized activities and budget have not been reported to the parliament.

Sangay Chezom

Edited by Sonam

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