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Farmers experiment litchi cultivation

May 26, 2012

Litchi or Lychee, a fruit with a rough brown shell and sweet white flesh around a large shining brown seed, comes with summer. It is considered one of favourite fruits by many Bhutanese, especially those living hot places. It is juicy and refreshing.

This fruit mostly comes from across the border. But farmers of Samtenling and Chuzargang Gewogs in Sarpang have started experimenting with Lychee cultivation.

Lam Doji, one of the growers frequent the Gelephu market in the sweltering heat. He said it fetches better price than other cash crops. “Lychee is better than mango and it fetches good price,” he said.

Ganga Maya Rai said it is better than areca nut business. “We sell our produce to local vegetable vendors.”

Sometime the customers come to them and get the privilege of picking the fruit from the tree.

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