Jomotshangkha Dungkhag gets a new CLC

Jomotshangkha Dungkhag in Samdrup Jongkhar gets a new community learning centre (CLC). The CLC will provide various kind of life skills for the graduates of non-formal education(NFE) and school dropouts in the dungkhag. 

The CLC was inaugurated on November 28. The CLC was set up with the financial support of  Nu 300,000 from UNICEF  in an effort towards enhancing literacy and skills development.

“From this type of centre, the learners after receiving necessary skills will be able to stand on their own feet and earn some cash income as well,” said Rinchen Gyeltshen, the Chief Dzongkhag Education Officer.  

To begin with, 20 learners will be provided with tailoring training.

“If we learn how to stitch clothes, we will be able to earn some income,” said Nyenmin, one of the learners. 

“If we know how to stitch clothes it will be very helpful to us. I can stitch my own clothes and for others too,” said Tandin Chezom, another learner.

 CLC was initiated with the objective of providing vocational skills to the NFE graduates and school dropouts.

Today there are 23 CLCs with more than 300 learners in the country.

Kinley Wangchuk

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