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Cement shortage in the capital for how long

Apr 21, 2012

It’s now been over a month that contractors have been struggling to buy cement in the market. With suppliers and agencies playing the blame game, the situation remains bleak and far from improving for the moment.

The largest cement supplier in Thimphu received four truckloads. The store was emptied within hours earlier on Saturday. It was issued to those who placed advance orders two weeks earlier. Customers said the situation is unnecessarily hampering the construction activities.

The Penden Cement Authority blamed the shortage of cement packing bags. Bhutan Polymers supplies the packing bags. We have enough cement this time, but the contractor is complaining over shortage packing bags, said the Managiong Director of PCAL, Tashi Tshering.

The Managing Director of Bhutan Polymers denied the allegation. Kinley T Dorji said Bhutan Polymers have been supplying packing bags as requisitioned.

As the blame game continues between the two, construction companies are calling for an immediate solution.

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  1. Karma The Truth

    The footage that you aired in the BBS News regarding the cement shortage in the Capital seems like a story untold, unsolved and needs some insights and I profoundly would like to suggest BBS to make a detailed study on the Cement Scarcity.
    PCAL being the biggest manufacturer of cement in Bhutan is the most profitable in terms of revenue, share holdings in the Bhutan Stock Exchange.
    Nevertheless, Cement being indispensable in the Construction Sector so is the Role of a Cement agent which specifically means to distribute cement to the consignee’s at a rate agreed by the Company and supply it efficiently whereby I Being a Contractor I Truly believe and agree that the Cement Agent in the footage have done a fair and equitable job of being an “Active” Cement agent of supplying cement efficiently to all the needy customers and Party’s.
    Now on the part of cement shortage I would like to put up the question that the shortage of cement cannot be subsidized by a Lone Cement agent against a massive Construction Industry that looks like a “Godzilla against a Lizard” whereby PCAL appointed number of agent for the Thimphu Region in the domestic market under the link Below for your reference:


    PCAL appointed the Cement agents on the policy of distributing cement to the domestic market but do you think the agents have done a fair and equitable job?
    The cement agent in the footage have loaded cement from the factory/depots after his vehicles been stranded for 2 to 3 days, so do you think the other cement agents are going the same procedure………..the answer is “NO” the other cement agents do not make an effort to send their trucks at the factory/depots knowing that they would run into losses.
    PCAL made it mandatory for all cement agents to lift a minimum quota of Cement monthly which the other cement agents lift for fear of cancellation of Agent’s License and if they lift the cement designated for the Thimphu Region, Where do you think the cement is being distributed unlike the Cement agent in the Footage?

    Don’t you think the other cement agents license be terminated for being unfair and unjust in the distribution policy?
    Don’t you think we should speak up on behalf of the Cement agent for being calm and composed in the supply of cement against the ever-growing Customers?

    Please look upon the matter as this of grave concern!!!!!

  2. flora

    IT would be better if BBS reporter could visit the particular place and investigate the problems properly and bring a clear cut news to the public rather than sitting on the chair and making use of the phone. 2ndly >check the name spelling> I have seen in the kuensel that PCAL MD fully blaming the Polymers Company for not supplying the bags and MD of Polymers denies that. So what i have heard is that PCAL is having machinery problem and 2nd of illegal marketing to India in commission system. Don’t know how far it is true.

  3. tharpa

    DHI change the CEO of PCAL.

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