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Way forward to improve the state of the nation

Kinley Dem, Thimphu
Jun 27, 2019

The government will introduce breastfeeding allowance as a part of the one thousand golden days plus programme. Under this program, the government will take care of the mother and child since the day of conception. This is one of the commitments that the government wish to achieve in the next one year.

The Prime Minister also said endoscopy and ultrasound facilities will be made available in all districts. The government will also make sure that every woman requiring papsmear undergo screening procedure to eliminate cervical cancer.

“In the country, there are many women who die of cervical cancer. This actually should not happen. Cervical cancer is preventable and can be treated. And to diagnose the disease, a papsmear test should be carried out. So we promise that all women get tested within a year,” Dr Lotay Tshering, the Prime Minister, said.

The government will also launch an electronic patient information system within a year.

The Prime Minister added the government will pass and implement tourism policy to revive the policy of “high value, low volume”.

The Prime Minister also presented that the government will establish at least one embassy and explore establishing diplomatic relations with two countries within a year.

And through the waste management flagship programme, the government will distribute three coloured bins to every household and institution across the country.

In the field of education, he said along with the pay revision, stipend of students in teaching colleges will be raised as well.

“When we say education is important, the quality needs to be improved. So to improve the quality of education, quality of teachers have to be improved. We have to encourage teachers to remain in the teaching profession. For that, we all know that we have raised the pay of the teachers. Now in one year, we want to give extra opportunities to those students in teaching colleges, ” Lyonchhen added.

In addition, the government will provide opportunity such as training for those working in childcare centres. The government will also establish a start-up centre to create a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The Prime Minister also pledged to work towards promoting local and organic vegetables to be supplied to schools and build gender friendly toilets across the country.

The Prime Minister said the government will also work on few legislative plans such as the enactment of Limitation Bill, NCWC Bill to support women and Children, Narcotic Drugs, Psychotropic Substances and Substances Abuse Act among others.

And in five years, the government aspires to increase the GDP per capita to over 4500 dollars, work towards ensuring food self-sufficiency, triple tourism revenue and employ 15,000 Bhutanese in the sector. The government also strives to reduce the youth unemployment from the present 15 % to less than 6.5 % in the next five years.

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