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Oral transmission of Nyingma Gyubum in Gelegphu ends

Karma Wangdi, Gelegphu
Feb 9, 2019


The 40-day oral transmission of Nyingma Gyubum in Gelegphu presided over by Sangay Nyenpa Rimpoche concluded on February 8. At the concluding ceremony, Sangay Nyenpa Rimpoche donated over Nu 10.4 M to the dzongkhag.

Of the total amount, over Nu 7.4 M was donated to Gelegphu Central Regional Referral Hospital. The money was handed over to the committee members of the hospital. The amount will be used to procure medical equipment.

Rinpoche also contributed Nu 3 M to Gelegphu Choeden Tshogpa. It will be used for infrastructure development of Melamthang at Shetikhari to initiate various religious activities in future.

The amount was handed over to Lam Neten of Sarpang Rabdey.

Thousands of devotees including from Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim, Kalimpong gathered during the oral transmission of Nyingma Gyubum.

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