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Tshechus to disseminate social messages

Sangay Chezom,Paro
Aug 8, 2018

Tshechu festivals are usually a celebration of Bhutanese culture and traditions. But from now on, it will also be a platform to disseminate social messages.  

It is to create a just, equitable and happy society.

The Central Monastic Body, the Royal Academy of Performing Arts (RAPA) and Respect, Educate, Nurture and Empower Women (RENEW) are jointly working on the initiative.

As part of it, representatives from dzongkhag rabdeys and cultural officers from 10 western dzongkhags are attending a five-day training in Paro.

The participants are briefed on the contents of the book “Druk Gi Tsechu-yi Gar-cham Ge Shaypa” launched last year. The book not only explains the  significance of mask dances, but also social messages it carry.

 “Every year, we have tshechu in all 20 dzongkhags. During that time, we explain about mask dances from a religious perspective. But now, we want to blend such perspectives with social messages for better dissemination of information,” Kunzang Dorji, a Research Officer with RAPA, said.

At the training, the participants will also discuss ways to incorporate more social messages in the second edition of the book.

RENEW says tshechus are the best platform to create awareness on social issues like gender based violence, maternal rape, and physical violence among others.

 “People are usually busy to attend awareness meetings we conduct. But many people do witness tshechus, so it is the right place for us to create awareness,” Meenakshi Rai, the Director of RENEW’s Community Outreach, said.

“Moreover, the impact will be thousand times more. When a spiritual figure conveys a social message in line with religious belief, people take them seriously.”

Similar training will  be conducted in Bumthang for remaining 10 dzongkhags.

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