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Infectious Bursal Disease outbreak in Darla, Chhukha

An outbreak of the infectious bursal disease in Darla Gewog under Chhukha dzongkhag claimed the lives of 900 poultry birds in less than three weeks. The first case was reported from one of the broiler farms at Chumilakha, earlier this month. The disease is not a zoonotic disease, which means it is not infectious to human. However,  it is highly contagious affecting the birds of three weeks to ten weeks of age.

Fertilizers, crucial for potato growers in Trashigang

With the onset of potato cultivation season in Kanglung Gewog in Trashigang, farmers are worried as they could not get inorganic fertilizers on time. However, three truckloads of fertilizers reached the Gewog yesterday. Villagers have been using fertilizers for a better yield. 

Farmers take up large-scale commercial farming, Sarpang

After people suffered shortages of vegetable during the first Nationwide Lockdown in August last year, farmers in Sarpang are now venturing into large-scale commercial vegetable farming. Seven Individuals from Samtenling Gewog has taken the government’s fallow land on lease for commercial farming. 

Farmers’ income affected in Wangdue amid the pandemic

It is a busy season for the farmers of Bjagphu chiwog in Wangdue Phodrang. Their winter vegetable is ready for harvest. But unlike elsewhere in the country where vegetable farmers are enjoying better returns amid the pandemic, their income is slightly affected. This time, due to the lockdown restrictions, the farmers of the chiwog are unable to transport vegetables to the market as regularly as in the past.

Farmers contribute vegetables to front liners

The lockdown has taught so many lessons. And one of them is bringing people together. People have been supporting frontline workers in many different ways. And farmers are among the heroes of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Only few vendors allowed to operate, Monggar

To curb the spread of the virus, the second nationwide lockdown was enforced from December 23. This move has no doubt helped in controlling the spread but it has also affected many people depending on their daily businesses. Such is the case with the vegetable vendors in Monggar. When the government announced the unlocking, they were relieved that they might be able to sell whatever is not damaged but their hopes were cut short. Only after requesting the Dzongkhag COVID-19 Taskforce, seven vendors were allowed to operate in the town since yesterday.

Raising chili seedlings in Polytunnel, faster and healthier

In Punakha, locals of Yebisa Chiwog have found an alternative to raise chili seedlings – an easier and better one. Polytunnel, a mini-greenhouse has replaced the conventional method of raising chili seedlings in an open area.

A graduate in farm inspires farmers

For many, looking for a job is becoming a secondary option now. As the country records increasing youth going back to their village to work in farms, a young graduate in Zhemgang steals the attention of many, this time.

Marketing amid travel restrictions concerns a farmers’ group

Although lockdown has been relaxed in the zones that did not report any community transmission, with travel restrictions, concerns are still high among farmers, especially for an undisturbed market for their farm produces. A women farmers’ group of Goling under Nangkhor Gewog in Zhemgang is one of them. 

Orange exporters in Gelegphu face labour shortage

Gelegphu is in its peak season of orange export, but with a limited number of people working in the depots, the shortage of labourers has become a cause of concern for the exporters. The youth facilitated by the regional labour office in Gelegphu are leaving the work one after another. 

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