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Tourism growth boosts handicrafts business

Sonam Choden, Thimphu
Oct 31, 2017

The rise in the number of tourists visiting the country in the recent years has helped the handicrafts shops along Thimphu’s main street, Norzin Lam, gain stronghold.

Stall owners says their income has risen steadily over the years. Twenty six-year-old Kuenzang Tobgay runs one of the stalls. He sells traditional boots, Tshoglham, and has been in the business for seven years now. “My monthly income comes to around Nu 60,000 to Nu 70,000 and sometimes, I earn a profit of Nu 300,000 in a month especially during occasions like Thimphu Tsechu.”

Deki, another handicraft shop owner earns about Nu 50,000 during the peak tourist season.

For some visitors, local handicrafts represent happiness. “It’s handmade and beautiful,” said Carolyn, a tourist.

“We can see the happiness in the colors and it’s very special. I think it’s essential that westerners come over, embrace the culture, take the products, show it to others and get them excited.”

Echoing the same view, Sarah, another visitor, said the products are beautiful and that she would like to help people making the products by buying their products.

The number of tourists visiting the country has seen a rapid growth in the recent years. Last year alone, 62,733 international tourists visited Bhutan contributing a total revenue of over Nu 4bn.

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