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Philanthropic group builds a home for an old destitute

Thinley Dorji, Pema Gatshel
Dec 30, 2016

A philanthropic group, formed on December 18, has built a house for a 90-year-old destitute in Pema Gatshel.

The Dzongkhag Khelang Tshogpa chose to help Dorji Gyaltshen first since he cannot see and walk.

Dorji Gyaltshen, who is also a beneficiary of His Majesty’s Kidu, does not have anyone to look after him. He never got married.

Up until now Dorji Gyaltshen got by with the help of His Majesty’s Kidu.

The local leaders of Shumar ran errands for him.

But now he is a proud owner of a tiny hut made of ply and cement. The hut also has a kitchen and bathroom attached.

Dzongkhag Kidu Officer, Karma Jigme said the hut was made possible with the contribution of Denchi project, dzongkhag education and members of the Dzongkhag Khelang Tshogpa.

Led by the dzongda, the group has 25 members.

Karma Jigme said the group will continue to help under privileged people.

He said they will identify beneficiaries with the help of local leaders.

Dzongkhag will carry out the assessment of the beneficiaries.

“We will not be able to build a big house for the beneficiary but something little to help them get by.”

In the meantime, Shumar Gup, Sangay Chophel said they even gave Dorji Gyaltshen a haircut.

Some have even volunteered pillows, quilt and bedding.


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