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Local leaders accuse gup of taking unilateral decision

Mar 28, 2015

Local leaders accuse gup of taking unilateral decisionA few local leaders of Draagteng Gewog in Trongsa are accusing Draagteng Gup of taking a unilateral decision to award community contracts to individuals.

Samcholing-Khatoe Chiwog’s Tshogpa, Tashi Tenzin said the gup took an independent decision to award electrification of two outreach clinics in Samcholing-Khatoe, recently.

“Forget about the people, even we do not know what is going on.” said Tashi Tenzin. He said the gup does everything himself.

Tashi Tenzin said the gewog officials are ones getting blamed for manipulating things.

Draagteng’s Mangmi Kunzang Dorji, said when the gup does not discuss contract work related matters with them, it is difficult to answer to the public.

“We don’t know anything about tendering. We get the information only after the work has been awarded.”

He said they should form a committee and the committee should decide how and to whom the community works are awarded. “Tendering has to be done in a transparent manner.”

Besides the local leaders, some residents of Samcholing-Khatoe are also echoing same sentiments.

“If everything is made clear from beginning, there would not be the need to point finger at each other,” said Nado of Draagteng Gewog.

Another resident of Draagteng, Kezang Phuntsho said he never saw the tendering for electrification works of outreach clinic and the construction of two Lhakhangs that are ongoing.

The Drakten Gup, Geley Chophel said allegations are not true. He said they always discuss before taking any decisions.

“But when it comes to taking decisions, we also have to see the advantages and disadvantages.” He said after looking at the pros and cons of a decision, the task of awarding contracts lies with the Chairman. “But I have never given any works to my relatives.”

The gup said they had discussed the awarding of the two outreach clinics during a Gewog Tshogdu on February 17. He said there was a follow-up meeting on March 2 but Samcholing-Khatoe had not turned up. “I tried to call him but his phone was switched off.”




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