Bhutan confident to win world cup qualifiers’ second leg

Bhutan confident to win world cup qualifiers’ second leg-If Bhutan wins tomorrow’s match, the team will join the top 34 teams in Asia to battle it out for Road to Russia. The second leg, Coach Chokey Nima said is going to be challenging. “But, we are going to win,” he said.

Chokey Nima said the team had a good result in the first match against Sri Lanka. He said the first match they won helped boost morale of the team members. “We are not going to take the second leg easy,” he said.

Bhutan had won its first ever match in the World Cup qualifiers against Sri Lanka with 1-0 on March 12 played in Sri Lankan capital, Colombo.

The Coach believes what is more important at the moment is to play quality game.

On the other hand, Bhutan’s opponent, Sri Lanka, is all set to clear the mess they created in their home country. Coach Nikola Kavazovic said they have to win tomorrow’s match by any means. Sri Lankan Team

The 39-year-old Serbian Coach had underestimated the strength of Bhutan’s team until recently. He said Bhutanese players are full of energy, tactics and enthusiasm, different from the teams they had played against in the past.

Nikola Kavazovic has been coaching the current national team of Sri Lanka for the last nine months. He said Sri Lanka’s team is as new as Bhutan. “It was formed just about eight months ago.”

The Team Manager, E. Balendra Anthony said Thimphu’s cold climatic condition will not deter them. “It is a vital match for us. Climate is not going to be something that will affect us.”

Sri Lanka’s National Team Captain, Chathuranga Sangeewa said they will have to rectify the mistake them made in Sri Lanka. “I have hopes that the team will play well tomorrow and win the match.”

Nikola Kavazovic also said they have many records of winning away matches. “The cheering fans of Bhutan will even make my boys play better.”



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