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Opposition meets the media

Feb 27, 2014

Opposition-meets MediaThe Opposition Party met the reporters from various media houses, today. It was the first time the Opposition Party met with the media since its election. The Opposition Leader Dr. Pema Gyamtsho along with other members of parliament spoke about various issues including the government’s 100-day pledges.

The Opposition feels that in 200 days the government has managed to fulfill only about 40 percent of their 100-day pledges so far. The Opposition also discussed the recent lifting of the import restrictions of alcohol and furniture. Various issues regarding employment, the education sector, and even the education city project were discussed.

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The Education City Project in particular was one area where many members of the opposition shared their views.

The former Works and Human Settlement Minister, Yeshey Zimba, who was the chairperson of the Education City Board talked about the fact that numerous discussions took place between the various stake holders. A project advisory group was also set up which consisted of Secretaries from the government.


7 Comments for “Opposition meets the media”

  1. dorjiwangmo

    Is this a joke? This report cannot be considered thorough! If BBS reporters can’t report in detail all that was discussed then there should have been a full live TV coverage- isn’t is the responsibility of the media to keep the citizens informed! The people of Bhutan deserve to here the opposition’s voice- they do represent many of us bhutanese, their voice is our voice! I am seriously appalled at this article- three tiny paragraphs covering the first press conference by the opposition. Something is amiss wrong. BBS needs to reprimand the reporter for doing a terrible and inadequate job! If the media does not fully report and transmit information then how are we, citizens, to remain informed and make decisions? How else can we get such information?

    • phub gyeltshen

      media has covered less…. actually full information in detail has to be there so that the readers can get good information… why media is being bias…. it is not good for democracy….

  2. Ugyen Tenzin

    Good to hear the latest concerns.

  3. voice

    I hope the opposition party will take up 100 days pledges of PDP and move forward the case as a means of pledges to be being fulfilled. And ya we want to see DPT as ruling govt in next election.

  4. karma

    You don’t have to export our young graduates to Qatar to achieve 100% employment in the future if we create jobs within Bhutan. Education city will create many jobs.

    You don’t have to loose billions of Rs spent for education in India risking lives if can create education institutes here only.

    We can do a lot of research in different things in education city. We lack that.

  5. tsatsipoktor

    PDP govt. talking all about Rupee shortage, what if Education City is closed and Bhutanese are sent to India to study. Closing is not abot, problem should be solved. This project has been started during the same reign of NLCS, the present govt. was in opposition.

  6. soso

    Education, culture, nature are only means to attract the foreign investment. I think everyone needs to lok into it from broader perspective for long time into the future. do not waste our tax money.

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