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Stray dogs cause nuisance in Haa

May 18, 2013

Stray-Dogs--HaaA pack of stray dogs that escaped from the dog pound in Haa have been attacking people as well as cattle in the Dzongkhag. The local people say they were several instances where dogs had attacked the residents.

Just, recently a man had been bitten on his right leg by stray dogs and had to be referred to the National Referral Hospital in Thimphu.  Another had barely escaped being bitten by climbing a tree. Countless calves have also been attacked by the dogs.

Some of the students were also bitten. “Four students were bitten by the dogs and I myself was also been bitten. We sent a written complaint to the Dzongkhag, but nothing has been done,” said the School’s Principal, Kuenzang Tenzin.

Aap Sangay Dorji said his calf was attacked and killed by the dogs. “I saw about 15 dogs attacking my calf.”

The dog pound was constructed by the Dzongkhag Municipal office in 2008 but the pound is now empty.

“We reported the case to the Gup, Tshogpa and to the Dzongkhag but nothing has been done so far. We urge the Dzongkhag to take care of these dogs. We feel very insecure walking,” said Aum Yeshey Om.

The Dzongrab said the issue of the vicious dogs will be discussed on Monday at the Dzongkhag Tshogdu.

4 Comments for “Stray dogs cause nuisance in Haa”

  1. Dupchu

    Better inject the dogs.


    Just eager to see what solution will come out on the issue. Indeed, this creature is lovely at the same time very deadly.

  3. Rngdl

    Here in Thimphu too, there are many stray dogs loitering around..its very risky to jog during wee hours of the morning or while returning late in the evening after work. These dogs are big enough to take anybody down. So please do something beforehand..

  4. Ashapasa

    This type of problem is not only in Haa. Its all over 20 dzongkhags. Some thing has to be done.

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