Gelephu dry port construction on track

The construction of a dry port in Gelephu is on track. It is located along the Gelephu- Sarpang highway below the Gelephu International Airport. The construction of the dry port is being carried out package-wise. Currently, works in the second package are underway.

The construction works in the first package were completed two months ago. Works include site development, construction of drainage system and boundary wall, entry and exit gates and roads.

The project started in 2022.

Works for the first package were done at a cost of Nu 150 M.

The second phase started in April this year. The second phase includes the construction of warehouses, transshipment shed and parking spaces to accommodate 80 trucks among others.

The basement of three warehouses and a transshipment warehouse has been completed and the contractor is waiting for pre-engineered building materials to be dispatched from India.

“The contractor has handed over the first package work to the department. We are currently in the progress of completing the second package that consists of construction of two numbers of export, import warehouses, one number of covered transshipment and one hazardous cargo house,” said Deepak Acharya, Project Manager of Gelephu Dry Port.

The second package is scheduled to be completed by the end of December this year, costing more than Nu 188 M.

Officials are planning to tender out the third package which includes the construction of office buildings, two residential buildings, and other auxiliary buildings such as canteen, restrooms, public toilets and truck service station.

Karma Wangdi

Edited by Tshering Zam 

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