Health ministry plans to relocate dental department to national referral hospital

The health ministry plans to relocate the dental department from Taba to the national referral hospital. This was shared by the health secretary during the Meet the Press session, today. Health Secretary Pemba Wangchuk said it addresses the inconveniences patients face at the current location.

The health secretary said that the dental department can be relocated once the departments related to mother and children at the national referral hospital are moved to the new Gyaltsuen Jetsun Pema Wangchuck Mother and Child Hospital.

He added that the Office of National Medical Services, which is located in the national referral hospital, will also be moved creating more space at the hospital.

“We fully understand and recognise the challenges faced by people from distant districts in accessing dental services. Recognising those issues, we are planning to shift the dental unit to the national referral hospital,” said Pemba Wangchuk, Health Secretary.

He added that it will take about six months to relocate the department as it will require proper planning and assessment.

The health secretary said once the department is relocated, the government will use the current structure of the department for other purposes.

The dental department was relocated to Taba in May last year to decongest the national referral hospital and develop a more comprehensive dental service.

Namgay Dema

Edited by Tshering Zam 

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