Tendu Gewog residents seek Yenlag Throm upgrade for better infrastructure

Residents of Tendu Gewog in Samtse are calling for the settlement to be upgraded to a Yenlag Throm or a satellite town. They said that the town meets the criteria for a Yenlag Throm in terms of population and the number of shops. Residents are hopeful that this upgrade will bring essential enhancements, including improved roads, footpaths, a better drainage system, and dependable waste services.

Although Tendu town was established over 30 years ago, its progress has been slow with residents continuously grappling with drainage and waste management issues.

“Since Tendu town has yet to be upgraded to a satellite town, there are no proper plans in place for the town areas. Many people are constructing houses randomly. If the town is upgraded, we will have systematic plans, and everything will be organised. Only then, I believe that our town will thrive,” said Taraman Gurung, a resident of Tendu.

“We believe it is now time to upgrade our town to a satellite town. With a central school, an army camp, a dratshang, and the upcoming Druk Bindu Hydro Project, our population is increasing. Upgrading the town would help us obtain more health facilities and other essential services,” said Samten Dorji, another resident.

The Tendu Gewog Administration acknowledged that the town faces various issues due to poor planning.

“Currently, without proper town planning, we face numerous problems in Tendu, such as the lack of footpaths, sewerage, and drainage facilities. Waste management is a major issue, and houses are being constructed haphazardly without proper plans and designs. Therefore, we feel the need to upgrade the town to a satellite town is both genuine and timely,” said Nima Dukpa, Tendu Gup.

The proposal for Tendu town’s upgrade has now been forwarded to the Samtse district administration for consideration. If approved, the transition to a satellite town is expected to lead to improved services and systematic development.

An area is declared a yenlag thromde under the Thromde Rules if it has more than 1,500 residents and 50 per cent business centres.

Today, Tendu Gewog is home to over 6,200 residents and has more than 53 shops. The town is believed to have been established in the 1990s.

Passang Dorji, Samtse

Edited by Sonam Pem

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