Rare butterfly rediscovered after 135 years

The Ugyen Wangchuck Institute for Forestry Research and Training has rediscovered a live specimen of the Kaiser-i-Hind, a rare butterfly species.

Scientifically called as Teinopalpus imperialis himalaicus, the butterfly was spotted by two trainees of the institute’s nature guide training programme last Tuesday.

The duo spotted the butterfly between Latongla and Yongkola in the Phrumshengla National Park during a field trip.

Dr Sherub (PhD), the head of the institute’s Centre for Conservation said due to the rarity of the butterfly, the specimen was not collected.

He added that the institute will carry out habitat enrichment activities for the butterfly species.

Karma Wangdi, a butterfly researcher at the institute said that in 1889, Pilcher George Ralfe, a British naturalist collected a specimen from Bhutan.

He said that the recent sighting means that it has taken around 135 years to rediscover a live specimen of the butterfly.


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