Hostel shortage forces Maedtekha students to rent huts

Children in urban areas enjoy better facilities, even when it comes to their education. Children in rural areas always have a different story to tell. In a far-flung primary school in Maedtekha, Chhukha, children walk for hours to get to school without a boarding facility. And given the heavy monsoons in the southern parts of the country, the safety of the children is a big concern.

In the remote villages of Maedtekha, children from various chiwogs rely on Maedtekha Primary School for their education.

Additionally, a handful of children from a neighbouring chiwog in the Paro district also attend this school.

The geographical landscape poses a significant challenge for these young students. Many endure hours-long walks to reach the school.

The Maedtakha gup said that such lengthy journeys, particularly during the monsoon season are not safe for the children.

Without any option, some parents have resorted to renting accommodations near the school, viewing it as the only viable alternative to ensure their children’s access to education.

“Although it is a small school, some chiwogs are far away. We do not have hostel facilities to accommodate them here, nor is transportation service feasible. Having a hostel would not only enhance academic performance but, more importantly, it would ensure the safety of the children,” said Passang Tshering, Maedtekha Gup.

“If we had a hostel facility, it would be very helpful. Our home is far away, and we cannot afford to send our child to other schools. Since we do not own property here, we are renting a hut just to ensure our children can attend school,” said Tshering Lhamo, a parent.

“We are currently renting a place here. Having a hostel would greatly benefit us. Renting a house in this area is challenging for us because we do not have any employment opportunities here, and sometimes it is even difficult for us to afford the rent,” said Pemba, also a parent.

According to the gup, the gewog administration opted not to raise the issue in the Dzongkhag Tshogdu, as the former education minister had committed to addressing the concern.

Following this, the gewog submitted a proposal but received no response.

At present, the school accommodates over a hundred students.

Kinley Dem, Chhukha

Edited by Sherub Dorji

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