Bhutan’s Mobile Legends team competes at regional gaming event

Bhutan is slowly stepping onto the global ESports stage. A team from Bhutan represented the country in the M Challenge Cup Mekong tournament, a Mobile Legends game tournament. Despite previously being limited to Thailand, Brunei, Laos, and Vietnam, the regional event gave a slot to Bhutan upon request.

Onyx ESports team was the one who participated in the tournament. They played against the eleven teams and defeated only a team from Brunei. So, they secured the 11th position.

The winner of the tournament will get an opportunity to compete in the Mobile Legends Southeast Asia Championship (MSC) through a wildcard entry.

According to the team, it was a good exposure for them though they faced Internet connectivity issues.

“ I think ESports in Bhutan is going to get more competitive as the MCCM is an important international qualifier for the international tournaments. ESports has arrived late in Bhutan compared to other sports. While physical sports like football and basketball need millions of investments, ESports only requires a good device, good Internet connection and good coaching to succeed,” said Pema Wangchuk, Onyx ESports member.

“I have been playing Mobile Legends for the past ten years and I am currently working a 9-6 job. It is really tiring for me to manage my time but still then, I turn up for every practice and I try to grab every opportunity I get,” said Tshering Dorji, another Onyx ESports Member.

“Bhutan have displayed a lot of potential and it may not take long before we witness the rise of a national team in an international championship. So, I do believe that Bhutan will come back stronger next season,” said Devin Chen, ESports Manager in Mekong Region

The team represented the country after playing a national qualifier in the country with top teams, a month ago.

The team is also the winner of the Druk Rivalry League, which was held earlier this year.

“Since we were the first team participating in the MCCM and the only team representing Bhutan in this tournament, we are honoured. However, since the other teams had a lot of experience, we did face some challenges playing against them. I believe we can do better in the future,” said Sonam Tashi.

Such kind of participation not only motivates the players but creates a brighter future ahead in the ESports arena in Bhutan.

Intern (Tsheyang Tshogyal)

Edited by Tshering Zam 

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