Prime Minister urges hoteliers to enhance service quality

Prime Minister Tshering Tobgay, in a meeting with hoteliers in Phuentshogling, today, said that the quality of service the hotels provide and marketing reach should be improved. In a separate meeting with contractors, the prime minister shared plans to form a special group to strictly monitor construction projects in the country. The prime minister also said he would look into allotting a counter for taxi drivers at the pedestrian terminal in Phuentshogling.     

In all three meetings with hoteliers, contractors, and taxi drivers, the prime minister told the gathering to focus on improving service and work quality.

Hoteliers said that the sustainable development fee or SDF is a major hurdle hampering their business.

They requested that the government could look into extending the designated zones beyond the Rinchending check post and Amochhu Bridge for tourists, where SDF is exempted.

The prime minister said that the government will look into the policy and explore ways to assist the hoteliers, but the service providers should be ready and stressed on service quality.

Although there are plans to look into the SDF for tourists in the Southern districts, the prime minister said that hotel owners should first make full use of the 24-hour SDF waiver to attract tourists.

On the other hand, the taxi drivers raised issues related to electric vehicle charging points, parking issues, and tourism opportunities to the prime minister.

“We do not get much opportunity in tourism. It is all in the hands of the guides. I feel that guides are not comfortable to travel in a taxi. So, if we are given a counter at the pedestrian terminal like the guides have, it will be helpful for us,” said Kinzang Dorji, a taxi driver at Bhutan  Taxi Association, Phuentshogling.

Meanwhile, the prime minister told the contractors that construction projects in the country will be strictly monitored to ensure quality.

Responding to contractors raising concerns like loans, boulder export, and government tender among others, the prime minister said that he would look into the possibilities to assist them.

Kinley Dem, Phuentshogling

Edited by Sherub Dorji

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