ACC investigating case involving officials working with erstwhile MoIC

The Anti-Corruption Commission is still investigating a case involving officials working with the erstwhile Ministry of Information and Communication. Although the ACC did not share any information regarding the case, the Annual Audit Report 2022-2023 showed that the officials made double and excess payments, payment for services not provided and irregular awards amounting to nearly Nu 13 M. This is the highest amount of agency-wise irregularities reported in 2022-2023 financial year.

According to the Annual Audit Report, the officials made double payment toward the purchase of office equipment amounting to Nu 24,000.

The report also states that the erstwhile Ministry of Information and Communication had made excess payments of more than Nu 5.5 M to a construction company which occurred due to errors in quantifying the items. The ministry also made payment for the works that were not even carried out.

The audit report also showed that the ministry made payment of Nu 2.8 M to a company to renew firewall software licences for four RSTA regional offices a few years ago. However, the report stated that there were no documents to support the expenditure incurred for renewal.

According to the Royal Audit Authority, the ministry made irregular award of supply and installation of Video Conferencing Equipment and CCTV and supply of spare parts for the Video Conferencing Equipment. The ministry made payment worth more than Nu 4.3 M to the companies when neither works were executed nor equipment were supplied.

The Royal Audit Authority forwarded the case to the Anti-Corruption Commission in January last year. The Anti-Corruption Commission refused to comment since the case is still under investigation.

Deki Lhazom

Edited by Sangay Chezom/Tshering Zam

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