Unreliable diesel supply at Tingtibi fuel depot frustrates travellers

The frequent non-availability of diesel at the Tingtibi fuel depot in Zhemgang has left many truckers and residents frustrated. They said this has been going on for quite a while now and it is causing inconveniences. Recently, for about four days, the depot ran out of diesel again. However, 8,000 litres of diesel arrived yesterday and another consignment is expected to arrive today.

Truckers travelling along Nganglam, Trongsa, Gelephu and Zhemgang highways usually refuel their vehicles at the fuel depot in Tingtibi.

However, the non-availability of diesel at the fuel depot has forced them to either wait for days or travel to other distant locations to refuel their trucks.

“We have to use vehicles for transportation and other purposes at the construction sites. So, when there is no fuel at the depot, we have to travel to Zhemgang. We have to spend a lot of expenses on that. This is wasting our time and affecting the daily work progress,” said Ugyen Dorji, a contractor.

“We are facing difficulty without regular fuel supply here. People travelling to Trongsa, Gelephu and Nanglam mostly refuel their cars here. So, sometimes truckers have to wait here for days. It is happening very often and, sometimes, the depot runs out of fuel for two to three times a month,” said Karma, a shopkeeper.

“I went three times to refuel my truck today but I could not get it. I think a fuel depot without fuel does not serve its purposes,” said Norbu, a resident of Tshanglajong.

Officials of Druk Petroleum Corporation which runs the fuel station at Tingtibi said due to cash transaction issues with their Indian counterpart, they could not get the consignments on time.

They are planning to expedite the transaction process.

The officials added that construction companies are procuring diesel in huge quantities which is also affecting the stock. They said, on average, they are selling about 3,000 litres of diesel in a day.

Pema Samdrup, Zhemgang

Edited by Tshering Zam

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