Skilling training to ensure job opportunities for Persons With Disabilities

With the unemployment rate at an all-time high, getting a job is difficult in the country. It is even more difficult for people living with disabilities. To ensure that persons living with disabilities are not left behind, a ten-day skilling programme is underway in Phuentshogling. The programme is equipping people living with disabilities with skills to make handicraft products. According to RENEW officials, the skills from the training will ensure employment opportunities.

Wangmo from Trashi Yangtse is a single mother. Her husband passed away about a decade ago. The 59-year-old has six children of which two are living with disabilities.

Her 36-year-old son is attending the skills training organized by RENEW in collaboration with FIDA, an international NGO and the Phuentshogling Thromde.

Her son could not attend school. He was later admitted to Draktsho East in Trashigang.

However, he could not continue his education in Draktsho after the family moved to Phuentshogling.

Today, Wangmo is optimistic that the training will help provide her son with employment opportunities. The training started on Sunday coinciding with the International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

“I could not send him to school as there were no school programmes for persons with disabilities back then. So, I was left with no option but to keep him at home. It is always difficult to look after him all by myself. Today I am so happy with the support we are getting from RENEW. We look forward to continuous support from RENEW,” said Wangmo.

Likewise, Rigtsho is another trainee. She studied till class ten. However, during the COVID-19 pandemic, she had to quit school when the schools in Phuentshogling temporarily started sending students to other districts.

“I feel so happy and lucky to be getting the opportunity to learn how to make handicraft products,” said Rigtsho.

The trainees shared their life experiences and expressed their gratitude which brought tears to the eyes of many gathered at the event.

“Earlier when we visited some of the persons with disability, I met Rupa. She is so wise, talented and excellently educated but she could not get a job because she cannot walk. She has a disability. That really touched my heart. Then I decided that we must do something,” said Riina Happonen, Programme Manager of FIDA.

Officials at the gathering ensured their continued support. The Phuentshogling Thromde is in the process of collecting data on persons living with disabilities so that their plans and developmental programmes do not leave out this section of the population.

Kinley Dem, Phuentshogling

Edited by Phub Gyem

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