Pachu Community Tourism camp boosts hope of tourism boom in Phuentshogling

Fancy a vacation basking in the warmth of the foothills enjoying picturesque sunset views from tents pitched in paddy fields? Well, you can tick this off your bucket list the next time you are in Phuentshogling. The recently opened Pachu Community Tourism camp offers such a leisure experience for adventurers seeking retreats and the magic of rural life in Phuentshogling. 

The campsite offers a range of tourism products including trekking and fishing among others. The new site was identified and opened as Phuentshogling explores ways to promote tourism in the region.

A group of seven youths and three women are operating the campsite.

It was established following a visit by a few officials from the district and the Regional Office of the Bhutan Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The campsite has tents pitched in the paddy fields and the group offers meals and other programmes.

During the day, the group has programmes including fishing, trekking, picnics, and swimming.

Pachu Community Tourism’s Chairman, Nado said, “We are working collectively to offer authentic village experience. We offer rice and vegetables that are grown here. After some officials told us about the potential of developing a campsite, we immediately formed a group. It is helpful for my village too as we buy the local products and they don’t have to take the produce to far-away markets.”

The group has been receiving a good number of people since its opening.

For now, only people from within the country have been visiting the site.

According to the group, they are receiving lots of messages from Indian tourists as well as expressing interest in visiting the site.

The BCCI is currently working toward making the site accessible to tourists very soon.

Namgay Wangchuk, a resident said, “I heard about the place from BCCI officials and a friend who visited the place earlier. So, I came here with my friends and it is indeed a beautiful place. I feel that developing such sites has the scope to attract tourists from our neighbouring country if we do proper marketing.”

“It is a beautiful place and the weather here is also nice. We do go out with family to places like Toorsa and all but I think this is the first camping site in Phuentshogling with all these facilities. And I came to know about the site from my friends,” said Kipchu, a resident.

The group is looking forward to enhancing the facilities and developing more infrastructure.

However, the lack of good road connectivity is an issue. Only pickup trucks can travel on the road and the road condition further deteriorates in summer.

Kipchu added, “it is going to be difficult in summer because the road is not good at all. Forget about the blacktop, only heavy vehicles can travel on this road.”

“We have been receiving feedback about the road from everyone coming here. The condition of the road is not good and as a result some even go back after seeing the road,” said Nado.

The group is currently offering transportation facilities to people visiting the site.

The Regional Secretary of the BCCI said this marks a significant step toward promoting tourism in the district with a focus on empowering local communities and fostering economic growth.

The officials said they want to develop Chhukha and Phuentshogling beyond being just a travel route and commercial hub.

Kinley Dem, Chhukha

Edited by Phub Gyem

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