Government lifts facility quarantine protocol for travellers from high-risk to low-risk areas

In what might come as relieving news for hundreds of stranded individuals in the high-risk areas, the government is doing away with the facility quarantine protocol for travellers from high-risk to low-risk areas. They can, instead, undergo a week-long home quarantine before travel beginning tomorrow. Yesterday, the Prime Minister’s Office announced further relaxations for Thimphu and other districts under various phases of restrictions.

All inter-district travels will also be allowed. However, people will have to call the 1010 Help Desk to register before travelling. Public buses will be operational to facilitate the travels.

Meanwhile, private vehicles will be allowed to move within respective mega-zones from tomorrow.

The movement of cars beyond the mega-zone will also be allowed but only for emergency purposes. Individuals must produce documents or evidence for verification.

All offices in Thimphu will be allowed to open with 25 per cent staff. Offices can issue an order stating the names of the employees.

The order can be used as a permit to travel without requiring an e-pass. All offices in other districts that have remained closed so far must also open from tomorrow.

Driving tests and IELTS for those seeking to travel outside must be facilitated.

The National Referral Hospital will resume all services beginning tomorrow. Similarly, all hospitals and health facilities across the country will continue to offer routine services.

Except for the entertainment centres, all businesses across the country can operate until 9 PM. Gym, yoga and similar fitness centres can open for clients residing within the same mega-zone.

According to the Prime Minister’s office, the government derives the confidence to ease the restrictions from the high vaccination protection the country has received.

The second dose of COVID vaccine for five to 11 years is due next month.

The notification said more activities will be allowed after a week if the situation does not worsen. People are urged to continue to follow health safety protocols and individuals with flu-like symptoms visit flu clinics.

Samten Dolkar

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