A new campsite helps village revive its economy- Chhukha

An otherwise remote and quiet village, Bjimichu in Darla Gewog in Chhukha is now becoming a camping destination for domestic tourists. The people visiting the picnic campsite is reviving the economy of the village.

Bjimichu is a village by the Wangchhu River. It is about 50 kilometres drive from Gedu towards Lhamoi Dzingkha.

With its beautiful landscape, the riverside has been a picnic hotspot. But it has never benefitted the locals until recently.

A group of eight villagers, mostly affected by COVID 19, started a picnic campsite and started catering services.

“Earlier we had to dump the rotten vegetables as we can’t consume them all. Now we can sell wild vegetables as well. We no longer have to go to Gedu. The team from the campsite come here to buy,” said Sangay Zam, a resident of Bjimichu.

“Not many people used to come here in the past. It is a remote village and people have no business to come here. After this campsite started, it benefitted us. We hope that the business will continue to grow in this village,” added another resident, Yeshi Choden.

There are three campsites there. It costs Nu 800 for a night.

“It has just been three weeks since we started the campsite here. As of now, it is running well. Since we just began our services, we are managing the resources to make guests comfortable. We received several groups of 15 to 20 people,” said Wangchuk Dorji, a member of the Bjimichhu Campsite Team.

Chhukha Dzongkhag Administration has been helping the group and is also supporting the group’s plans to start cycling and river rafting.

“During winter, when high altitude places experience cold, Bjimichu is the best place to come. It is just 180 metres above sea level. If people come here, we provide all the services to make them comfortable,” said Sangay Thinley, a Sr. Economic Development Officer in Chhukha.

There is a sacred pilgrim site known as “Bayul Kuenzang Amai nye” at some twenty minutes’ walk from the campsite which is also attracting local tourists and devotees to flock in.

People said the area is also famous for bird watching. Recently, a white-bellied heron- one of the rarest birds in the world was also spotted in the area. And with the arrival of international tourists still affected by the pandemic, this place could become a hotspot for domestic tourists.

Sonam Penjor, Chhukha

Edited by Sangay Chezom

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