Low enrolment of children with disabilities- National Conference on Disability

If the current enrollment of the children living with disabilities in schools is any indication, then parents and the education ministry have a long way to go until everyone goes to school. Of over 1,600 children living with disabilities in the country today, only about 750 of them go to school. This was discussed during the National Conference on Disability in Thimphu today.

During the conference, the education ministry pointed out that the lack of awareness among parents and caregivers on Special Education Needs (SEN) schools has caused low enrollment of children.

Besides, lack of educational facilities is also found to have aggravated the problem.

“Now children with disabilities are mostly in the rural areas, the schools for inclusive and special education programs are quite far away from the places and probably our parents are finding very difficult to reach and pick the children from the schools,” said Pema Chhogyel, the Dy. Chief Programme Officer of the ministry.

However, this could change soon.

The ministry will establish 28 more inclusive and special education schools by the 12th Five Year Plan.

According to Pema Chhogyel, through the integration of special needs facilities and services in additional schools, teachers would be able to address the basic needs of the students.

“They will also be able to make necessary referrals such as clinical, educational, and other necessary support they need,” she said.

Today, there are 21 inclusive and special education schools and two special schools in the country.

Pema Seldon Tshering 

Edited by Chayku

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