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Successful Artificial Insemination Programme in Zhemgang

Mar 2, 2021

The Artificial Insemination Programme in Zhemgang is proving to be a success. Many dairy farmers are opting for artificial breeding. Introduced in 2006, the program is helping farmers get more income through increased dairy production from improved cattle breeds. 

A few dairy farmers who have benefited from the program said it has helped increase dairy production.

“The artificial breeding has benefited us a lot. Even if we get a male calf, there is no dearth of buyers as the Dzongkhag Livestock Sector buys from us immediately and supplies them to other villages as breeding bulls,” said Penjor, a farmer in Trong of Zhemgang.

“Earlier, we had to drag our cows to the nearby veterinary hospital for such services and it was a very tedious job. But now, with the door-to-door Artificial Insemination service, it is much more convenient. Moreover, we are getting more milk production through this method,” added Dorji Wangchuk, from Pam under Trong.

The Dzongkhag Livestock Officer said that going by the good response, the office is now planning to introduce sex-sorted semen which is expected to further improve the dairy business in the region. Sex-sorted semen is the ability to shift the gender ratio of a calf.

“We have seen the benefits of artificial insemination injection in the villages and we are happy with it. Henceforth, we will inspire and ask our people to go for such options and not ask for the supply of breed bulls like in the past. So, our aim and target are to promote artificial insemination,” said Ugyen Lhendup, the Dzongkhag Livestock Officer of Zhemgang.

So far, over 300 artificial insemination injections have been provided in the district. More than 150 male calves have been supplied to different villages as breeding bulls.

Pema Samdrup, Zhemgang

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