Second Royal baby expected in the spring of 2020

Hearts rejoiced and exulted, and the crowd broke into rapturous applause as His Majesty The King announced the news of second Royal baby at the National Day celebrations today.

The news brought an added significance to the day. Prayers, best wishes and congratulations poured in from across the country for Their Majesties.

“Their Majesties are expecting a second royal baby. It has come as a joyous news for every Bhutanese,” said Amar Singh Gajmeer from Samtse.

“The first Royal child is a prince. Now our prayers and expectations are for a princess,” added Dorji Dema from Zhemganag.

Filled with profound joy, the royal baby fever grips the country once again. The news comes less than two months before His Royal Highness the Gyalsey turns four.

His Majesty’s announcement has left the country in delight and set a celebratory mood as 2019 comes to an end. At the same time, it has given every fellow Bhutanese a renewed and exciting reason to look forward to the approaching Iron Male Rat Year.

Sonam Wangdi

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