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End on an extravagant life

Apr 28, 2012

Police described it as one of the largest seizure in recent times. With the arrest of three men, police recovered jewelry, cash and other items worth millions of Ngultrum. The three, all from Wangdue Phodrang were arrested on charges of a series of burglary in the capital Thimphu.  One is a former monk and the other two are school drop-outs.

The former monk burgled 12 houses in Thimphu. Police recovered several items made gold, silver including coral and cash, all stolen from houses in Olakha. Police also seized a cup made of tusk and i20 car.

“The man led an extravagant life. He bought nine cars in just one year and pretended that he was in vehicle business”, said Thimphu police. He was arrested from his home on Olakha. Eight others were also arrested in connection with buying of stolen items at a very cheap rate.

In another case, two dropouts were arrested for burglary of three homes in Thimphu. Police recovered jewelry, coral among others. All the three are former convicts. Police are still recovering stolen goods.

14 Comments for “End on an extravagant life”

  1. panem et circenses

    can we just pack in a heavy sack and throw into thimphu river; summer is not far. such arse creaping in such in the last shangrila derserves such a cruel punishment like in the past eras during the penlops.

    another alternative: its harsh, cut their hand first for stealing, then, leg for making the move and finally head for acting like an animal.i want this pushishment to be given in the public.

  2. This is a shocking news! sad and disheartened!

  3. Thinley

    Its a good catch

  4. Yeah this was a shocking news!!! But we don’t know why they are doing such a nonsense things in

    this beautiful world…. !!!!! Why they are making our Bhutan cheaper….

    Never and Ever do such a things….. pls……..

  5. Sampha

    Hats off to RBP la.

  6. kuenzang

    such shocking news are increasing year by year. something must be done.

  7. tharpa

    Thank you police for capturing these thieves. Well done!!!

  8. Travel Bhutan

    It is a shame! Such a small population, with huge number of reported crimes, and it is everywhere, most unreported!!!

    It is unsafe these days to move around. How can these situations prevail? Is our police force really complacent? Please note, this is how gang culture evolves in any society.

    By any means, we should not let spark cause the fire and thereby we encourage this institution. Let us end it here. “A single spark can start a prairie fire….”. It can be disastrous to our small society, if not controlled at source. Given the mandate and support of majority, police should able to do it. You should show zero tolerance to such acts.

  9. Zacup

    Please do name and shame them?

  10. so its better welknown if their names n photos were given in the media….tashi delek for corps…

    • sonam phuntsho

      yeah.i agree with you …why are they kept in the shadows…if the media names them and show us photos .by chance if we come across them in the future we can be alert …

  11. Drukpa

    Thumbs Up our plolice Department for great job. I still remember few months back my land loard /house owner was robbed thousands of cash and many jelewleries and old preserved goods worth millions. I hope they recovered few now.

  12. yescam

    Why not post with their close up pictures and detailed informations. Print and paste all over the public area. Shameless people. Melu Rinpoche Throlo Tangdi. Rang ngyel wai nge mep zo…Ro zawai chuth mep zo di wai…

  13. Drakpa Tenzin

    Indeed the catch was a good deed from general perspective but we need to understand why it is happening given the size of community and area.

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