Sunday, December 21, 2014
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People’s Voice


A discussion forum that goes behind the scenes, uncovers national issues and concerns affecting people.


It is a forum that provides public space for the citizens to express opinions, views on concerns related to governance, business, environment and social services.


Every Sunday at 8.05pm (Dzongkha) & 9.05pm (English)


Tweet your comments/views during the show @dawabbs.






86 comments on “People’s Voice

  1. Mr. Please host a live discussion about the HRD auditing and its follow up by ministries.
    1. I feel some people go for training every after 6 months, if not more.
    2. Some people don’t go for a training, field visit, seminar, etc. even after 4 years of service.
    3. Is HRD auditing done seriously.
    4. Is the recommendation given by RAA followed?
    5. Who check’s that?
    6. How to balance between the one who go frequently and onece who are not?

    • Nema Lama on said:

      This GNH program is tacking concern about 100,000 people now settling is different countries or not? Because they are also the most valuable resources for the development our country.

  2. It would be better if HRD should see the transparency who has not gone for tour and who have not as HRD will have all the details.

  3. Dawa BBS on said:

    GNH- Is Bhutan walking the talk? this will be the theme for the upcoming debate. What do you think? Any valuable inputs will be highly appreciated and in fact we would also be grateful if you could suggest relevant panelists.

    • jigdrel norbu on said:

      ” stop talking about GNH and launching workshops on it and wasting money…rather do GNH and develop the nation and facilities in the rural area where the government and head officials hate both the place and people….”

  4. Kezang on said:

    Is hierarchy and traditional ethos stifling entrepreneurship and creativity among Bhutanese youth and the new generation? What can we do together about this?

    I think this can make a good topic for a “People’s Voice” session…

  5. Mr. Norbu, thank you for your suggestion but my intention as the moderator or organizer of this program is not to glorify or promote GNH but rather I would be putting a check on whether we are practicing GNH like we preach or not la.
    Mr. Kezang, thank you too for suggesting a wonderful topic. We will definitely consider having a debate on this sooner than later. The only and biggest challenge we have is in finding people on the panel la. But this does not mean we will shy away from doing it la.

  6. Phuntsho Rinzin on said:

    MR.Dawa I really like your programmes, go on with your plans because you are doing for the Public Interest and lets jointly deny some personal interference in this matters la.

  7. i dont see any point of availing training opportunity to all the individuals and it is not mandate to give opportunity to all as per the BCSR ,firstly It will depend on the rating performance I mean if the candidate needs improvements in particular output and input and core agreed competences then the concern manager has to purpose some kind of reforms to particular through HR Committee . Also some time number of formal and informal trainings availed will depend on nature of the individual and organization work….
    Here Manager/ Head of the Agency should be fixed with administrative action if he/she mess-up the position with power besides accountable responsibilities. Also media should arrange live forum to Public –Request Dawa

  8. Mr. Dawa, yes you are doing great job. But i still would like to make some my layman comments.
    1. Your penalist are only from Thimphu, Why? i will not accept your answer of no facilitiees in other Dzongkhags but it is necesssary that it must be live.If it is good it can also be recorded and brodcasted la.
    2. When you hosted on Tobacco, i think you too if ‘m not mistaken believe that it’s law is darconian. All People who voice out are all who live in Thimphu or for that matter Urban people. Rural people say it is good for people but Urban smokers say the law is too much.How many bhutanese live in urban and how many live in rural? Now, where is voice of majority? Rather it is Voice of uneducated but literate people’s voice. which i feel is not a good sign. My suggestion here is, Like what you do live on BBS TV you can go and make same programme with same topics in villages and brocast it la. Then i would appreciate that it is ” People’s Voice” Just now i would say it is “Handful Literate’s Voice”. Any how your doing something.
    3. Effenciency of civil Servents is because of ineffeciency of the head- be it department/sector/any other. These bosses are the one who spoils the young officers. They wanted uss to do in a way tthey did. the way they do. We have better idea to to better but they want us to do what they say. so???

  9. Phuntsho on said:

    Is Bhutanese media transparent enough? If yes, why Mr. Dawa and people’s voice are not raising or organizing programs regarding the Census issues which is the most important national issue or concerns affecting the people as mentioned above.

  10. kamsang on said:

    will you call someone from the land commission and representative from His Majesty’s kidu office to do a panel discussion of land issues in the southern dzongkhags?
    People in the south are being harrassed by the government by taking their own land which they own before. Their forefathers bought the land and they had been owning the land but now they say the person owning that land is census form 5 and seize the land. recently i heard that there will be no land kidu for the southern bhutanese.
    will you please do a panel discussion on this topic?

  11. Dear Mr.Dawa,
    First off hats off to you for providing the citizens of Bhutan a platform to participate in governance. I believe your show will grow from strength to strength and will, in the future, shape government policies or at least make governments rethink what they perceive if best for citizens of this nation.

    I think one area which needs improvement is on the polling which at the moment is biased towards people who have strong opinions who take the trouble to send SMSs because they are directly affect. This does not consider the people who may not be particularly affected by the discussions and therefore do not participate in the polling.

    I think it is only fair that you educate the public on this weakness so that these kinds of polls do not sway the public into forming opinions that may not necessarily be correct. I think if you talk to NSB they maybe able to help you minimize this weakness.

    cheers and keep up the good work!

  12. Thank you Mr. Jigme for your wonderful suggestion. I will talk to NSB and find out if they could help us in any ways la. Also I would like to thank all the other contributors for your feedback and suggestions. I am so happy that you are all concerned about improving my show. I only believe that we would grow from strength to strength. Yes, you are right in pointing out the fact that our programs are Thimphu-centered. We do have plans to take our programs outside Thimphu and I hope this will happen soon. Our plan is to visit every constituency to find out if the promises are fulfilled. May be that would be the time where we could make the rural voices heard. Please keep contributing and highlight my shortcomings so that I can capitalize on it and work it for better results la. Thank you all once again for your valuable contributions.

    • Dawa,
      I am a great friend of you and I like the way you organize the show. Could you consider a panel discussion on the topic” Is it wise to let the civil servants serve the double the years for next up-gradation”. Just to cite an example, an in-service civil servant who completed 3 – 4 yrs Bachelors degree in 2012, is allowed for master degree in 2018 or 2019. For Panel judges, You could invite RCSC and In-service civil servant who have completed their degree and waiting for long years for next degree. I feel that, this discussion would let everyone understand the good things and bad things of the standing decision,, A civil servant has to serve double the years for the next level of upgradation which is not poipular in most og the countries, where ther is no limitation on up-gradation or study. Time and Tide wait for none. WE appreciate your contribution in hosting the show. Keep it up.

  13. GempoTshering on said:

    Mr Dawa,
    i consider media as one of the most important element in insuring justice and development of the nation. good, i appreciate the way you organise such a programme whereby whole citizen is given a chance to participate and express their personal voice on a given subject. m happy of that.please keep it up. but sad too on the other hand, as we live outside the country in which we don’t have access to bbs live tv. so i would be very grtful if you can upload the video of whatever the people voice show is held as like that of “Bhutan this week” so that it will benefit all the citizen residing outside the country, especially for the students like me.

  14. Fuentshook on said:

    I feel need to have pannel discussion on Regional Balance Development, since many schools in rural areas dont have enough students and on the other hand there is Admission Crunch in urban areas.

  15. Fuentshook on said:

    What about pannel discussion on our new Goverrment’s Campaign Vs Their Action

  16. tashiwangchuk on said:

    Hi Dawa,
    You guys are doing good job.I like your presentation as you dare to ask the important questions in the discussion that others feel fear to ask. But still I feel there are lot of questions being unraisable for you. Is it so ? Is it what you call responsible media in Bhutan to ignore some of the issues under conventional expectation and fear ?Anyway it’s just my curiosity. Keep it up…… I like the way you bring the flows of discussion so that you can sometimes indirectly discover a hot discussion and the truth.

  17. tshering on said:

    I fully agree with what Mr.Dorji pointed out and sure it is really happening in Bhutan. If it is not regulated and check earlier the problem may grower wider and is too late to do later on.

  18. kezang on said:

    dear dawa.
    thumbs up for the wonderful show.its really a platform where we can know the situation/functioning of our government.
    sir,it would be grateful for me and nation as a whole,if you could arrange discussion on “why government is unable to attack the youth/graduate towards teaching profession”.

  19. dechen dee on said:

    The live show that u put up every sunday has been a good one in deed but i would appriciate if you could upload what has been discussed on your website la so that it will be very help ful for all of us especially to those who missed the show la…

  20. Namgay on said:

    Dear Dawa,
    We appreciate your sundays programme i.e Peoples Voice, As published in The Bhutanese News Paper, Regardings the DPT Vice President’s (Chang Ugyen)Babesa Land Scam. Can you bring it as a Topic of This Sunday and discuss with the people of Bhutan by calling up the Concerned peoples from Land Commission. I guess it will be intresting Topic.

  21. Would you people mind to make your the programs available to download.
    We would be grateful, if all the programs such as ‘People’s Voice’, ‘ Dawai Kudroen’ etc. be made available to download from your website.
    Lets make use of every thing if there is no problem.
    Looking forward……………………

  22. galden on said:

    Dear Mr. Dawa, Particularly I am interested to know about new upcoming parties. We know that 2013 is not so far, and I personally feel that the time has approached for these new parties to appear in the public. So that the voters have enough time to choose their party after having learnt about each party. So far I have heard that at least three new parties were preparing to contest in the upcoming election. Why cant you call the president of these parties or workers and let them explore their candidates and of course party manifesto. This time it is not the debate, you can question them like in dawai kudroen. Also it will help our people to understand the difficulties faced by party workers with limited amount of money. Just my view la

  23. Yeshi on said:

    Sir Dawa I really like your programmes, go on with your plans because you are doing for the Public Interest and lets visit stcbl p/ling

  24. Mr Dawa,
    i consider media as one of the most important element in insuring justice and development of the nation. good, i appreciate the way you organise such a programme whereby whole citizen is given a chance to participate and express their personal voice on a given subject. m happy of that.please keep it up. but sad too on the other hand, as we live in P/ling. so i would be very grtful if you can visit here” so that it will benefit all the citizen residing out here, especially for stcbl staff.


  25. Sonam on said:

    Dear Mr. Dawa,

    Since youths of Bhutan have always been regarded as the “LEADERS OF TOMORROW”and the next democratic elections happening next year, How about we have a debate topic of “SHOULD WE HAVE YOUTH REPRESENTATIVE IN THE PARLIAMENT”.

    Your views la.

  26. lungtenwangdi on said:

    Dear Dawa

    Please host a live discussion about the RAA

  27. Lotso on said:


    can you host a live talk with the officials of the RCSC………….

  28. Thank you all for your comments and suggestions. We have already started uploading programmes on our website. I sure those who reside outside showing some interest to watch our programmes can now have access to the same online.
    Also I would like to thank all of you for suggesting topics for future debates. We are trying hard to consider all the topics that have been suggested through this forum but due to some limitations, certain topics could not be materialized as debate. Thus we try and look for different formats. We would love to be as transparent and open as possible and cover all these topics but nobody wants to come and talk to us as long as its not in the individual’s interest. Mr. Tashi Wangchk mentioned that I come across lots of questions that are unraisable. Sorry for the shortcomings but the fact is I would never want to reserve myself or hesitate in asking questions since I am paid to do this. Sometimes, being only human, some questions just do not click on that very hour. More often than not, we also do not find enough time to research on a particular topic-thus shortfalls are many. I am not giving up though-will try my best to do better and thank you Mr. Tashi Wanchuk for your feedback. We are now consistently trying to put our topics before hand on our web so that you can all contribute your share la.
    For the STCBL issue in Pling, I am not fully aware of the issue but I did hear a bit recently and thus I have asked my colleague in Pling to do some study and package a report soon. Thank you once again and keep posting….

  29. kezang on said:

    Teaching by itself is suppose to be a noble profession. But how we can consider in Bhutan is really hard to distinct as noble profession. What i have seen for the past couple of years is that teaching is taken as a last option in getting employment for the sake of getting employed. No one actually, few may be exceptional, even teacher do not view as a noble profession. Everyone after future opportunities/scopes like trainings from their job. The very teacher who had hard time getting employment starts to complain about teaching profession like they have to work over time and want teaching allowances. Teacher are meant to be teaching so why “teaching’ allowances. It sound weird and we can make out they are not really into teaching but to explore opportunities. Otherwise, yes teacher are our master and they make us what we are now. And teaching is a Nobel profession.

  30. Is teaching considered a noble profession by people in Bhutan?

    Our society, and our Government say that the teaching profession is noble but the irony or rather the hypocrisy is that the teaching profession is always the last option, there is very little respect for teachers because the teaching profession does not yield any power or authority , the people’s attitude is; anybody can become a teacher, and it doesn’t pay well.

    If it was noble and if we go by the definition, teaching should be the first career option, why ? because the system should attract people of qualities who want to help others. If Teaching was a noble profession and teachers the forbearers of morale values then they would not be beaten in the classroom. What happened at Pelkhil was misfortunate but it was bound to happen considering the general attitude for teachers now, I would rather say it was fortunate because it was a non bhutanese who exerted what he felt about the teaching profession being noble or not noble, it was less painful for the teachers.

    Anybody can become a teacher, but very few become Good Teachers. There are some teachers who are good but at the same time there are also others who have just fill in the blanks. If I have to start on why our teachers are not noble and why the people think like that(I don’t blame them) we need to look at our teaching collages where our teachers are trained and the candidates who apply, do we receive adequate training? We need to evaluate the RUB criteria for higher studies and in particular for teaching, the civil service system which sets the parameters for entry into teaching. All there aspects are important while considering a person who wants to become a teacher.

    The nobility of the teaching profession is highly relative and is structured on the support of the society and the time we live in. At the present is there support? I would say ‘No’ . The time we live in and the society we serve doesn’t think highly of a teacher so the teaching profession which is suppose to be a noble profession today has lost its nobility.

  31. Lily Wangchhuk on said:

    Dawa, teaching was considered a noble profession decades ago but not anymore. My late father was one of the pioneers of education in Bhutan in the 1950s. Today most of his students who hold highest position in the executive, legislature, judiciary and armed forces still hold him in high regard – almost 37 years after his death. But teachers today no longer seem to enjoy the same status and teaching is not considered a noble profession anymore!

  32. Jigme Tandin Peljor on said:

    Teaching is always a noble profession because every great masters of the universe emerged from the teachers and by teaching..

  33. kinley on said:

    Is teaching a noble profession???? I have come to know it is not at all a noble profession.
    1. Teachers get many many many directions on what to do now and then and they are directed by syllabus, directives of Districts, Ministries, local government.
    2. Teachers get many extra responsibilities and many a times waste their lesson preparation time, self study time on extra activities of the school.

    3. Teachers are never encouraged by ministry it self. They demotivate teachers by saying PTC teachers with B.Ed qualification, ( making distinctions) and scope is limited for those teachers to broaden their knowledge and skills

    4. If a teaching is noble profession, many would have opted for the job. It is a last choice people get into this profession and many wish to go out of this profession as it is not noble any more

    5. People do not support teachers to educate their own children. Instead people defame and look down on teachers.

    So the above are my opinion only. It is not to defame any one or any body.

  34. Jimmy on said:

    Teaching- A Noble Profession!
    Teaching is really a noble profession.
    The teacher is the one who molds a child into what he will be on the future. He is being taught how to read and how to write, how to deal with others and how to deal with himself. The knowledge of the teacher is being shared or transferred to the child from science, technology, arts and values. And when the child is ready to pursue for a higher degree of education and specialization, it is still the teacher who is guiding the child for him to attain his dreams and expectations.
    No other profession is greater than teaching. Without teacher, there will be no Engineers who will plan, design and manage the construction of buildings, roads, bridges, communication facilities and other mechanical infrastructure. Doctors, scientists, politicians, etc, will not exist without the teacher and the teaching process.

  35. ngawang on said:

    media is very important this days and it is the exposure for our young generation.we know what is going on in the national level,local level or international level via by media and if we don’t have any media we are like in the dark age where we live in without interacting with other people in local,national and international it’s very important to have a media in remote place where they need to get exposure as we are democracy country.but don’t forget to analyses what kind of media you are getting day to day in your life.

  36. Logay on said:

    Dear Sir,
    i really enjoy your programme and i would say that keep it up. However, i would like to request that if you could talk on the preservation on culture. i mean what would happen if all the men in Bhutan, specially those who get employed in any sector whether in government service or in the private sectors could wear the Tshoglam (traditional boots) in the office hours, so that our old cultural will be preserved. All the Bhutanses will look more handsome and beautiful. i requested this because what we wear right now is all Indian products (specially shoes….), Bangkok, Nepal, etc… and this all because of the currency crunch now a days. i think this problem could be solved in little way, because no imports of shoes from other countries.

  37. sonam on said:

    hi dawa,

    didn’t get time to read all the comments above so am not sure whether the point that i want to jot below is mentioned or not.

    it will be good to host a program on – “THE PEDESTRIAN DAY”. i for one have a lot to say about it. and if bbs at all host a program on this topic, i am sure i will be the 1st person there.

    like i said earlier, if some one has already requested bbs to host such a program let mine be a reminder, and if my request is the 1st , then i request the readers to give a thought on this topic and should you have things to comment on the new rule, please join me in requesting bbs.

    looking forward to a positive response from bbs…

  38. Dorji on said:

    Since the forum of Pedestrians’ Day was totally awesome and points of Audience, Callers and Against the motion party was a slapping hit to City and NEC, I would like to request BBS to host another similar forum regarding the Parking Fee along the norzin lam and other location which seems to be very expensive.

    Good work BBS.

  39. Tempa Tshering on said:

    Dear Mr. Dawa
    Do you think the following article written based on the amount contribution made by people for Wangdue Phodrang Dzong buzzed into fire on 24th June 2012 – “A CONTRIBUTION OR RULE (compensation):

    We the people of Bhutan deeply touched when we mesmerized the buzzing fire of Wangdue Phodrang Dzong on 24th June 2012 which implies our national monument. It was the great inflated to the government and people concerned.

    With this, people feel dedicated from their heart and contributed little amount they wished to help and physically in their own way to help in building the Dzong again. But, in contradictory, I heard some Dzongkhags are more concerned; feel more stroked in their heart and more dedicated than people all over Bhutan. They deliberately made compulsory for all civil servants to contribute Nu.2500/- which comes 20% from their salary for P level and Nu.500/- from the SO level which actually stinging from their heart. For this, we as a concerned citizen feels that the amount they contributed will be only for the denigration that Wangdue Phodrang Dzong will rebuild un-heartedly for the country. Though, some people cannot heave their mouth and feel pinch when something off from their pocket and feeling of devil faces appear from the back when the laws are passed over them.

    For me, when it is “the law of compulsory”, I feel we are governed by rules and contributing the money in the form of tax and compensation that demands with law. It doesn’t mean that we as a country’s citizen cannot afford to contribute for our wellbeing or we don’t want to contribute but the demand and the order they made. I don’t know about the others what they feel when the rule made to contribute money for his/her wellbeing. It seems, it is the tax we were imposed on. We are taught, heard, learned and practiced GNH as our guiding philosophy of being happy and as a whole our country- the GNH democracy. Being a democracy, people should have their own views and rights with their own matter if they foresee the truth behind not directly imposed from the ministries or Dzongkhags. Therefore, in this regards I feel GNH doesn’t imply to the rule we are governed. Nevertheless, it is not only responsible for the government to look and do everything for the people but we the people are also have the same for helping and doing for the country.

    So, what ever the contribution made by the people should not be governed by the rules, after all heart will speak more than words form mouth and remain in-depth forever. The amount they wished to contribute would be always from their heart and no matter even if they are not able to make contribution. We know some are luxurious and they will contribute fulsome amount and whereas some are hand to mouth living condition.


  40. pema on said:

    Hello Dawa,

    its good to see u back on the show.

    i amy be a little late with these comments since these r related to earlier programmes aired on BBS. i thought that i shud point out that the other guy who hosted the show in ur place was rude. the first time was during the discussion on the rupee crunch when he talked about bhutanese taking housing n vehicle loans and he said ” drub desu pata cheway” or soemthign like that….and again recently on the pedesterian day discussion he opened the show saying ….people don’t coem to these shows and ” jab kha lay tak tik laap ni maang ra maang mey “…….i found it very offensive and rude as a viewer. if i undertsand correctly…..his role was to b the moderator….not air his personal views of the people in general. i thought a good journalist relished in being neutral….not passing snide remarks.

    so therefore, my earnest request is for u to always always host the discussions.

    thanks very much.

  41. Jigme on said:

    Hello BBS journalists,
    I really appreciate you guys’ hard work and effort put to organize numerous shows with the good intention of educating people. I can speak for every Bhutanese citizen that your endeavors are held in high regard. I also understand that English is not our first language and we are all still learning and therefore bound to make mistakes. I totally get that. But I think it is fundamental to learn to speak with kind words. At times I find media people being very rude. I don’t know how many would agree with it but I got an example to bring up;
    When Sonam Ugyen was hosting ‘people’s voice’ on whether Bhutan should nationalize mining, he cut off Mr. Ugyen Tshechup in the middle of his talk saying ‘it’s ok’, which I felt was very rude. Could there be gentle approach for doing that by using kind words/phrases such as; could I interrupt you/ could I get back to you? and etc..etc.. I am neither related to Ugyen Tshechup nor am I his beneficiary in any ways but I think it was very unkind. I have witnessed several similar kind of approaches on BBS shows many times. We as Bhutanese consider ourselves as Biddhist and consequently know a lot about compassion, generosity, empathy, so on and so forth but we are very poor in walking the talk. Please note that these are small pieces which have high leverage point.
    I know you would say “bjam gongdo beuda bjapoe abu tsa migo” but know that BBS is seen by people from all walks of lives nationally and internationally and it would send out a negative message about how Bhutanese are in general. Honestly, I was watching this show with a couple of chilips and I was thoroughly embarrassed to see the way host talks. He is a commander there, and not a host. BTW is it true that Journalists are trained to be like commanders? I know that they should be confident in approaching all levels of people but should they be Hitlers? Ponder over it…

  42. Sonam on said:

    My suggestion is you carry a tablet or have a computer infront of you so you can check live comments or questions from the public during the discussion rather than limiting to phone calls. Or even allowing text messages is better than just phone calls.

  43. Wangchuk on said:

    It is so good to see you again on people’s voice Dawa. You are the one who can do justice to this program. Keep up the good job. And we hope to see you more often and not the other guy.

  44. Pem dorji on said:

    Dawa, please host a panel discussion on ” Credibility of audit reports”
    Because we find and hear that audits issue the memos irespective of the status and the position. But we only see the low level or profile people being penalized. I feel once the audit has issued the memo it should also follow up on the status of the action taken. I guess bigger fishes escapes in between ACC and OAG.

    One appropriate topics could be on RCSC and MOLHR. Every year the rate of employment has been increasing and we find MOLHR hunting for more blue colour job which the young Graduates would’nt opt. And We hear that RCSC is striving for small,compact and effecient civil service but surprisingly we could see many inefficient senior official ranging from Old Lyonpos to Secretaries converting their service status to Contract and enjoying every entitlements of the senior officials which otherwise could easily employ more numbers of young graduates. RCSC needs to sort out civil servants of such nature and do something if it is really trying to go by their principles.

    If RCSC do nothing to those senior Civil servants and go on with the present practices of converting the retiring Senior officers into contract status, i am fore sure that problems related to unemployment will deteriorate and entire civil service will be flooded with inefficient senior officials who claim themselves as lyonpos and Dashos.

  45. dorji pem on said:

    HI dawa, I love your program but the speakers for yesterdays, you could have had someone who speaks well. Every time you had to some sort of conclude or interpreter their message or meaning. Just letting you know what I feel but all in all I love your show and you are the BEST.

  46. Dechen on said:

    Hi dawa
    I have always enjoyed watching your show so far but this employment session is a bit disappointing. I would like to suggest the panelist be selected with better consultations. A diversity in panelist would have been better like having a new graduate in the panelist.

    In general, as mentioned by Prof George, the Bhutanese english is good but i think we could have been better for this session. Although it is a learning opportunity for the upcoming speakers, we have to bear in mind that its our national television and a certain level of standard should be maintained.


  47. Thinley Dorji on said:

    Dawa sir i am ur fan when u host People’s voice.this Sunday can you host a live talk with the house Owner’s and about House Rent. it will helpful to those who earns low income la.

  48. Thinley Dorji on said:

    སློབ་དཔོན་ཟླ་བ་ ད་རེས་གྱི་རེ་བཟའ་ཟླཝ་ མི་དམང་བསམ་འཆར་གྱི་ལས་རིམ་ནང་
    ཁྱིམ་ཁང་གླ་གྱི་སྐོར་ལས་ འགྲོས་སྡུར་གྱི་ལས་རིམ་ཅིག་དགོ་དྲེན་ འཐབ་ཚུགཔ་པ་ ང་བཅས་ ་དངུལ་ཕོ་ཆུང་ཀུ་ལེན་བཟའ་མི་འདི་ཚུ་ལུ་ འཕེན་སྦོམ་འབད་ར་ ཐོག་ནི་ མེས་ཟེར་ཞུ་ནི་ཨིན།
    གཙོས་སྡུར་པ་ཁྱིམ་ཁང་གླ་སྤྲོད་མི་ ༢ དང་དེ་ལེན་ ཁྱིམ་ཁང་གླ་སྡོད་མི་ ༢་འབད་བོ་ གནང་ཚུ་པ་ཅིན།

  49. Kinley on said:

    in the people’s voice i never see the discussion on census clarification by which many Bhutanese are straying in Thimphu town. Last time i was there to go for some work in Trashichhoedzong there i found my friend who was recently graduated from CNR lobesa, He is an agriculture student and after having done with the interview he sought placement in Thimphu. But today he is not able to join his service because his NOC never got approved and later he found out that his census is terminated which was good before he went for the course.
    Its one month ago i met the same friend again in the Dzong and he said ” No Progress” moreover his CID has been snatched by the DCRC authority saying he will get back the CID when his census gets cleared.
    He got job but he is not allowed to serve the TSA-wa-sum!! What should we call this unemployment or harassment.????
    there are many who are waiting for the same to be anticipated but everything is going in vain.
    Having CID but no NOC (unless done any crime), but straying in the town by hunting for NOC. will that make his career.
    When a competent person is not cared who will care the State. His Majesty used to say that ” future of bhutan lies in the hand of young generation” but when after completing the government oriented course he is not allowed to joint the service then what is the use of studying then????
    This is just a loss of government afford n expenses.
    We need to think for it and Bhutanese should be A Real Bhutanese once he is registered in the BCRS.

    • Sangay Wangchuk on said:

      I see the problem our students facing because of old fashion NOC documentation. Government must bring amandment on this type of policies.

  50. dorji tshering on said:

    For the up coming people;s voice topic i want to make one suggestion is that; many political parity in country gave more chance to choose better one or creating conflict in the small country like Bhutan.Due to this in small community creating …war within

  51. dorji pem on said:

    Hi dawa,
    My request if you could do a discussion on Tuesdays- breastfeeding day for feeding mothers”

    the rules in Bhutan are ridiculous. Please do a program on it

  52. tshering wangchuk on said:

    I on behalf of all graduates would like sir to arrange a program for experience needed for job and most vacancy for in-service.why more vacancy for in-service rather then us(unemployment)if this is going to continue,unemployment rate will never i feel that experience is gain when government give us opportunity. so sir we the youth trust you and your program.hoping to participate in this program.if sir could arrange this program,it will benefit thousand and thousand of we are hoping that sir will do a program on it.

  53. sir,
    i on behalf of graduates would to request sir to host a programme on Eligibility Crateria which is not fair for graduates who did not qualify for main exam. Every vacancy announcement that are made in the kuensel or other news paper, they always ask for Eligibility Crateria or BCSE rating. Even in the BCSR 2010 under Guidelines article 7.1.2 Eligibility Crateria is not reflected S1 level.. In this case graduates who do qualify for main exam, they don’t have any place to compete. They are put in the darker room. i personally feel graduates who get 50 and above in PE yet didnot qialify for ME and graduates who get 50 and above in ME but didnot select for post graduate diploma are same/ equl. Both of them are pass as per university rules. Eligibility Crateria for those graduates who get 50 and above in ME, for them it is like rain where there is water. so there is no equity and justice in this field. If sir Dawa could host this programme ,inviting people from RCSC we would appreciate and actively take part in it la.

  54. Please stop talking about media for God’s sake. I am starting to puke now. Dont you have better things to discuss other than media talking among yourselves.
    No offence though. :)

  55. Thank you so much for all your comments la. I will try and incorporate all the topics that have been suggested here. It might take some time though la.
    Yes, its true that I land up inviting all kinds of guests la. While its true that diversity of guests is appreciated, we do find it so difficult to find people who would want to talk la. Its even more difficult when the topic is bit controversial in nature. I know it will be a bit too much of an ask for all the forum contributors here but we would highly appreciate if you could suggests some probable names of the guests along with the topic la.
    For Mr. Karma, I bet you that the last discussion on media would be the last for this year or lets say before elections la. Even thereafter, I would wish against having a program on media unless we have some inevitable issues that might crop up la. Whatever discussions we had on media was not to promote Bhutanese media but rather to give a serious food for thought for all our viewers la. For instance, let me inform all our readers here that sensationalism is seeping into Bhutanese media and that we all should seriously worry la. For financial gains, media might create so much of social disharmony and thus we landed up having a debate on this. Anyways, thank you for your comments and your views are taken very well la. We will definitely try to do some better things hereafter la.
    Truly appreciate one and all for your suggestions and comments la.

  56. dorji tshering on said:

    what is next topic for the people;s voice sir i want to suggest one topic that is our Clive servant is doing their there duty or is there more free and playing more………….. quality of services is poor?

  57. aasish rai on said:

    great job dawa la keep it up

  58. dorji tshering on said:

    please dawa sir, would you mind to bring OL in the upcoming Wednesday program.Why he misused all the social media specifically blog.if such people do,due to he all the youth ll misused the media like blog.we all the youth called him as misguided people

    • i am youth as well on said:

      well the issue is unclear here buddy 1. you didnt mention how and when he misused it . 2. didnt get how all youth will misuse the social media if he does( or is it said in the Constitution that we the youth have to follow what opposition blog and tweet) 3. sounds like you havent gone though his context 4. when we have so many other important issues to go through why would you bring this personal issue ( just assuming) which is not relevant at all.
      talking about social media
      i reckon there is something undeniably cool in the way social media democratizes communication, In doing so every politician around the world tweets, blog etc just to communicate with people and leting know whats going on. from my perspective i respect and appreciate the opposition leader…..where as the MP, doesn’t communicate and we dont know whats going on ….

  59. Mr. Dawa,At around this time of the year it is good to hold discussions on workshops that teachers get during winter. how is the selection done?how is the selection of winter camping(checking) done? n ect

  60. CHENCHO DORJI on said:

    Hi Dawa,
    Well, we really thank you for posting our vision in your Guest’s program, but Why are you not posting here also. It really needs people’s opinion and voice. Please let me know.


  61. dokdok merak sakten on said:

    it is on the discussion fading of the cultural and bhutanese etiquette. I cannot agree that it is not changing but I strongly disagree to some of the panelist who asserts the it is being neglected to a level that it has become dangerous to the security of the country. Some of the panelist even mixed religion and politics to assert their point( on respect). However as some one said it would be more practical if the concerned person( who claim to be patriot) could focus on important issues(related to topic) than sticking an extreme view. we should understand that change is inevitable and focus should be on essential things.

  62. Thank you all for your comments. Points all noted la. The upcoming topic for people’s voice is “Bhutanese Democracy-Are we playing our roles” We are trying to bring in people from different institutions including the upcoming political party members. Anyone interested may join us la.

  63. Talk about Private service delivery……….and monopoly…I bought a car from Zimdra with the conviction that they are the authorized dealer. When i took my car for general check up to their very service centre they say my fog light was “duplicate” proudly (i paid for original)….i guess that speaks volumes

  64. jang sem lue jin on said:

    hello dawa la .

  65. tashi on said:

    i would like to request you to talk about ” Hydro Power” large dam projects being built in many parts of the country. I am not anti- development,but bit concern about the number of dam and nature of the construction. perhaps i am wrong but i feel it is a death traps for future citizen and of course present suffering is well known fact.

  66. sangay on said:

    I would like to request to talk about the calss X pass in service civil cervents, who are lacking with all sort of upgradation, training, low income and etc

  67. namgay on said:

    talk about Gyelpozing land the verdict is out should our two convict ministers resign on moral grounds as all other committee members will be now be terminated by RCSC……………………………TWO rule in one county and should our so called elected leader,s not take any moral responsibility…. they are convict and i dont want to be ruled by criminals ……………..and its also about setting way forward ……………………if they dont resign on moral grounds now than no will in further if they are convicted ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,??????

  68. YESHI on said:

    Dawa u must talk about two rule in one country regarding Gyelposhing ………..ministers VS civil servant ……………………and should Attorney General resign on moral ground ………………………………… bottom line is do our leaders have moral ??????????

  69. leeky on said:

    hello sir,
    i like your show…. i never miss the show. I request you to host show regarding the Hydro-electric project .Our governments lend billion rupees from India government and invest it in such project. This money is filling the belly of the Indian company. The question is “do those Indian company achieve the works as per specific design of the project? And why our Bhutanese contractor is not eligible for the tunneling work? The works executed by indian companies is big questionable. our Bhutanese contractor have no experience in tunneling works. I would say that those Indian contractors are also having no experience and 90% works is executed by sub-contractor. I feel funny, did tashi Groups ever had experience in airline service, banking system and telecom service before. In what ground our government allowed tashi groups operate the business in country. I request sir to bring these issues to panel discussion with concern government agency.

  70. Sangay Wangchuk on said:

    Dear Web Editor/Administrator/Admin,
    It’s so sad to know that my discussion right in BBS is not permited. The discussion that I had post in this column ” People’s voice was not published or restricted by the web admin”. This is against the ” Freedom of Sppech” . I would like to request the web administrator to publish my previousely post discussion. Other wise you will see the same post in other national and international medias. I waill not leave a space to say BBS didn’t publish it.
    It’s not my openion but it’s a voice against the restriction/unpublished discussion article.
    Sangay Wangchuk.

  71. Sonam on said:

    I think last night there was an interesting case developing about the amount of funds that Bhutan has for developmental activities mentioned by ex OL and ex PM.

    Is it true we do not have any funds committed for the 11th plan or do we have funds. Maybe you can ask the GNH or MoF people to comment.

    I think the Bhutanese people deserve to know.

  72. SonamT on said:

    Dear Lop Dawaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,

    I like your programme people’s voice!!!!! :) It is very good, and for further improvement, I have the following suggestions, please please incorperate it la:

    1. Please called more members in the discussion forum, many stakeholders – different levels, diverse ppl like from private, govt, ngos, politicians, etc.
    2. Please discuss on issues based on topics that will be tabled before in NA for discussion.
    3. On other times, please discuss on issues that is the most important at the moment or an issue that has just occurred or is in news.

    And with regard to today’s discussion about the party sustainability. (You should have engaged senior wise people. I think with only party rep present there, there is more likely hood to incline the discussions to one side only – they mostly talked about making things easier for them, and not necessarily what is in the interest of the country. In my opinion, party workers or office is not necessary – it is good to discuss – weigh the pros and cons, But there was no other side discussions! Also membership is not necessary la – the contesting members will be enough, having all this will only unnecessary create rooms for corruption and more headace for ACC and judicial system! :) :)

    Tashi Delek!

  73. hi,
    i would like you to check out this case. its not new. heard lots of similar cases. there was an article in kuensel few/last years on similar case.

    would be eye opener if you can do a program on it….

  74. sangay thinley on said:

    hi Mr, dawa
    we would be great full to you to bring the discussion on the topic of “DO AWAY THE PRELIMINARY EXAM ” with the theme “can preliminary exam determine once capability” this has been the debate since the pledge made by the pdp within the graduate itself.

  75. Hello Dawa,
    It was really great that you have come up with an idea of Tobacco Issue in Bhutan. Everybody finds that tobacco Act in Bhutan is too harsh as once mentioned by our previous Lyonchen in one of the Kuensel issues. I believe that our Government should make good laws against alcohol and drugs. To tell you the true story; once I was in Thimphu custody. A man was caught at Chudzom Check-point with 2 or 3 boxes of drugs. He was made bailable because he was intoxicated ny drugs. Who knows, he might have brought for sale or for consumption. The Tobacco Act is good for the high class people and harsh for poor people like us. Three years imprisonment for bring in tobacco is too much. if we count 1 2 3.. , it is simple but to live in a prison 3 years is really a big time. If government wants ban tobacco, she should ban completely even without paying taxes. according to Buddhist aspect, tobacco harm Gods and Goddesses in the heaven. What if we pay tax, will it not harm the Buddha?


  76. Hello Dawa,
    When I was watching the television, there was a 100 days pledges of our current government’s watching and talks were going on between the ruling and opposition, we cannot trust the opposition any more,because opposition is there to support the government. Whats the use opposition.Once Dawa you threw your question to Lyonpo of ruling party about the stimulus fund,it is very sad to hear that they have promised the stimulus fund,only if the Indian government will give them, there is no country to give us the fund other than India, they are very busy in election.If these kind of pledges going to make by political parties in peaceful country often people called last shangrila, I dont beleive in the 2018 people will come for vote.So, Mr. Dawa on behalf of all the Bhutanese intelligent citizen,till date who really respects the leaders and again further to keep the same trend in our society, could you follow up once of 100 days pledges la.We cannot trust any more to opposition, now they are voiceless, if such voice are going to continue, please dont comeback in 2018.

  77. invest more in technology

  78. gangladrukpawangchen on said:

    Dawa sir can u host peoples voice in context of Local govt act2010 to be enacted why they are talking only about thomdeys and not about other points in the LGF Acts. and also host Public Debate on Tobacco Act in context of why lifting the act and have they consulted with the public. if u r hosting above mentione topics plz let me know at this no 17930884/77441192

  79. envy lama on said:

    ya what he has said is Dzongkhag Administration…Administrative staff hardly get a tour in a year forget about training and all but other sector staff are most of the time in tour/training…is this fair where all civil servants are equal as said…

  80. darjay on said:

    The NC are lifting tobacca ban in bhutan, because the reason is- The NC themself boss and use the Tobacco or Cigerattes. For the ture and evidence poved NC Of Samtse Mr. Sangay Khandu when he was to Conduct meeting with the Public at Samtse Dzongkghag, Damdung, in front of the gathering of the peoples, he said that, Tobacco consumption is made free by him and he is smoking style in front of the thousand gathering. Also said now every one can have this. So what is going on? Similarly same habit might be wilth all the NC and MP. therefore, the Puplic can’t trust any NC or Member of parliament. If you can believe Just get information from the people gathering at the time of that meeting. Our Suggestion, firstly the Law maker like Sangay Khandu NC of Samtse should be brought to under the control of the Law.The where ever we see, we go I have notice, asking about the Qualification. Qualification is nothing, if the person lacked the attitude, oral ethic etc what is use?. My opinion whether he/she is high qualified, master, Phd.particulars person should have the good integrity, oral, ethic, otherwise, don’t ask for qualification.qualification is under the care of Money, richest.Money and richest can buy the qualification.

  81. tshering on said:

    It would be democratic practice,too and would support more GNH.

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