Thursday, December 18, 2014
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Q&A with Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche

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36 comments on “Q&A with Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche

  1. BuddhistVirus on said:

    Thank you BBS for posting this…more such series please…

    Tashi Delek

    • Tobgay on said:

      Great Job BBS! Keep up we need these kind of teachings given in simple language like Khyentse Rinpoche does. Hope Rinpoche teaches each time he visits Bhutan. Lama Khyen-Noh!

    • Ugander on said:

      With due respect, I wonder why Rimpoche does not give his discourse in Dzongkha. Foreigners may wonder why a bhutanese buddhist revered priest is preaching his bhutanese followers in Bhutan,in a foreign language?? Why not in our own language.

      • kezang on said:

        It is better explained and understood in English than in Dzongkha. The reason for why in English is as simple as that.

      • Pedmalia on said:

        Dear Ugander,

        Do you need for explanation and to do research on why Rinpoche not teach in Dzongkha?…..Rinpoche is a universal being and English the universal language…If u better understand the teachings in English than in Dzongkha, why need for teachings in Dzongkha?. No point of laughing out lunatic sarcasm.

      • ugyenTnorbu on said:

        it doesn’t matter, gentleman, what foreigners would think. spiritual teachings are meant to crush our ego rather than boost it. whatever medium of communication that rimpoche chose should be okay including sign language. just remember the classical texts which says “lhai ked dang lu dang nod jein ked, drul bum dag dang miyi ked nam dang, gro wai ked ni gra nam ji tsam par, tham ched ked du dag gi choe ten to”.

      • Dorji on said:

        You are foolish…Don’t u understand English…Your Dzongkha will not help u as u step one step out of Bhutan i think u r from jungle

    • Pema Rinzin (Ajmer India on said:

      i am so please with BBS up loading such religious program of 30 to 20 minutes. Please i would suggest to upload more of same length so that when we are free from studies we could atleast learn the buddichita part.

      Cheer BBS

    • Duptho Namgay on said:

      I found very helpful especially the students. I acknowledge BBS and hope BBS will continue organizing such type of programs in future also. Thanks…..

  2. Karma Tenzin on said:

    Dear BBS,

    Is it possible to upload the soft copy of such high quality discourses? I guess the present ones available are not downloadable.

    It would be of greater benefit to the mankind if one can download such priceless discourses and view it time and again. This I see would enable one to get into the depth of each and every word of the renowned personalities.

    In view of the above stated, BBS is requested to upload the soft copy of the discourses it conducts with various respected personalities.

    Just a humble suggestion.

    Best wishes & looking forward to hear to many such discourses,

    Karma Tenzin

  3. starCZAR on said:

    Because English is a universal language and Nationalism is an infantile disease like a measles to mankind, This is a one world, kindly refrain saying this is their language, our language, our culture- that is the whole point DJKR is trying to make in this movie, yet you are still caught up in identity and ego.

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  5. Namgay on said:

    I really loved His Holiness question and answer session….It has really inspired me.

  6. David Cool on said:


    I’m very happy the talk was in English, otherwise I wouldn’t have access to his wonderful teachings. :-)

    I would also love to see more posts like this.


  7. Tashi Wangchuk on said:

    thank you Rinpoche for sharing your wisdom with us. You are one of my most respected teacher in modern time. Please keep teaching us. I would like to thank to BBS for organizing this event. Greatly appreciated.


  8. Khem Khanal on said:

    I born in Hindu, brought-up in Buddhist and have the influence of both religion.Thank you for offering the spiritual speech which help us to purify ourselves in this machinery life.

  9. jcoog on said:

    Great job bbs. We really need more of these kind of thought provoking teachings, posted online. They will not only benefit Bhutanese people but people outside Bhutan.

    To Ugander
    Asking Rinpoche to give teachings in Dzongkha because “Foreigners may wonder why a bhutanese buddhist revered priest is preaching his bhutanese followers in Bhutan,in a foreign language” is probably most laughable thing I have ever heard. If anything, as you can foreigners are grateful that they are able to understand this teaching. If you have such an aversion to “foreign language” you are free stop speaking it and participating in forums where it’s spoken.

  10. Thank you Rinpoche! As a Bhutanese youth, lost in cultural paraphernalia, you have been a guiding light through much of my confusion and delusion. You are a huge inspiration who have brought me closer to the Dharma. Your clarity is refreshing and piercingly enlightening. I prostrate to you my Guru.

    I would like to make a comment with regards to the usage of English by Rinpoche. As proud as we Bhutanese are about our language, we have to admit that comparatively, Dzongkha is not that developed of a language, and has a very limited vocabulary. In order to communicate such precious buddhist teachings, there would be no other way for Rinpoche but to borrow Choekey’s vocabulary. Now it is my understanding that majority of the Bhutanese populace don’t have a strong grasp of Choekey (myself included). Thus it would be pretty impossible for Rinpoche to teach in modern Dzongkha, with its limited vocab, and still maintain the deeper aspects of the dharma that he shared. English is a much advanced language with a far greater vocabulary. It is also understood by many Bhutanese and a lot of people around the world. Therefore Rinpoche is benefitting far more beings -which I’m sure he is more interested in doing, than worrying about some foreigner’s impression or perception of bhutanese lama not teaching in Dzongkha.

  11. Jigme Tandin Peljor on said:

    The activities of the Great Lama is alws honoured with joy and respect.

  12. Tashi Dabs on said:

    Thanks to BBS. I’d be more grateful if you guys could upload more of the talks with DKR.

  13. kole on said:

    oh, what happened to my last comments, its gone. was it bad and hurtful? Truth sometimes hurts !

  14. Giiny Rattenbury on said:

    Over joyed to find this teaching on line this morning. Thank you so much.

  15. tandin on said:

    i grately enjoyed the teachings from our perfect teacher (HH Jamyang Khentse Rinpoche). Thanks to BBS for uploading such videos. I personally feel that it is very important to remind us time and again about the true nature of our mind so that we can correct our mind which will lead us to doing good deeds.
    we would like to request BBS if you could upload more videos that are broadcasted in programmes like Jangchub shing, so that we learn more ways to be happy in life which will be a source of encouragement to mankind.

  16. yaktsap on said:

    hi, jcoog never ask dzongsar k to teach in dzongkha or in tibetan lngauge coz he is not that educated la, more over if the other buddhist masters sees they will laught at la,

  17. Rinchen Dorji on said:

    Great effort and initiatives taken by BBS for this program!! A very thanks to BBS la as we will get the chance to listen the Rimpoche’s talk and views.

  18. Rinchen Dukpa on said:

    Good effort as well as ur teachings are beneficial to one and all in this modern world.Keep it up rimpochey la..

  19. sherab gyeltshen on said:

    This is just a reply to Mr. Karma Gyeltshen.

    I could download this file with IDM. You may install this software.

    Thank You.

  20. Nawang on said:

    Can we have again such program with his holiness JDK??

  21. lhaaaageloooo on said:

    Present day living Buddha and god of wisdom………….chap summm choooo……..hope i will get a chance to get a audience with u soon and plz bless with eternal wisdom and let all sentient beings be benefited by you in liberation from this samsara……….chaaaaa tseee lo rinpochhe Khennoooooooooo……..jetsun jambay yang neeeesuuuuuuuu

  22. bella cden on said:

    Thanks Bss for conducting sure wonderful program which teach us real meaning of life………… open eye of the we Bhutanese people ………. know the meaning of life……………….

  23. I am really inspired by the teaching of HH JK. Till date i stayed in a guilt that i m a sinner because i smoke. i was told by some senior chops that as per kathangduepa (prayer), if we have smoked once there is no shakpa (excuse) at all and we have to go to hell by any means. however, with this Q&S post, i have learnt that we can practice Buddhism even if we are a smoker. i am really inspired to go forward for prayers. lha gay lo…. Lama la Chap sum cheoooooo.

  24. phuntsho choden on said:

    i want to have a copy of this video. how can i download it la.

  25. Sangay wangmo on said:

    I really enjoyed the teachings from our perfect teacher (HH Jamyang Khentse Rinpoche). Thanks to BBS. We bhutanese like culture buddhist not the real. We bhutanese don’t have awareness of helping other. We pray for ourself like somebody wants teaching in dzongkha.

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