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More stabbing cases

Feb 23, 2012

The Losar celebration this year weren’t without problems. Police in the capital are looking for a suspect, involved in yet another stabbing case. A student of Motithang Higher Secondary School was stabbed above the weekend vegetable market yesterday. According to the hospital, the student suffered multiple wounds on his head and back. Doctors described it as minor injury.

In another incident a 27-year-old man was operated in the early hours of today. The man suffered stab wounds on his abdomen with bowel injuries. He was referred from Wangduephodrang.

Doctor said the man is in critical condition and is under observation.

Youth crimes in the year of the rabbit

In the past year, over 300 youth were either detained or arrested by police for cases related to crime. It’s an increase of over a hundred compared to 2010. The cases were all related to fights, substance abuse, robbery, assault and battery. What could be cause?

According to Captain Gyeltshen of the Royal Bhutan Police most of the youth come in conflict with law when they are under the influence of alcohol, substance abuse. “The other reason is unemployment. All the jobs available are in Thimphu so there are many unemployed youth here in Thimphu. According to our study we found out that unemployment causes problems.”

Some seven stabbing cases involving youth were recorded. One lost his life, while another one lost his sight. In an earlier BBS discussion the role of parents and relatives was also pointed out as a probable cause. Some doesn’t seem to monitor what the children are up to.

The Department of Youth and Sports meanwhile, is pursuing rigorous programs for school-going children to inculcate values such as sportsmanship, healthy competition, and pride in personal achievement. “We have so called youth forum where youth get the opportunity to study, read, art, learning music and practicing yoga. We organised many for youths to spend their holidays meaningfully. The Department of youth and sports will continue to do so,” said the Director, Chencho Dorji.

The Director also said when we refer youth one should it in the wrong way. The general public now relate youth to all sorts of problems.

“When we deal with youth related issues we should never consider it bad. Some youth do it intentionally while some do not know anything. They just do it for fun and end up coming in conflict with law. The government, non-government organisations, private sector, teachers and law enforcement agencies should work together to solve the youth related issues,”said Karma Tshering Namgyal, Director, Bureau of Law and Order.

The rules and laws are in place. Unfortunately, it seems ineffective. Contraband substances are still easily accessible. Youth are exposed to drinking and smoking, either through older sibling, cousins, or friends at a young age. Many say it’s time to inculcate sound morals and the will and the commitment of the community to change.

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  1. Penjorla

    Youth involvement in conflict with law as of now is minor in my view. Because if the trend of current situation continues such as favor in employment and unemployment, if the gab between rich and poor is not maintain (i mean equal opportunity/equity) and if bureaucrat and policy maker do not provide space for the youth and mislead the human resources into a broken Heart, ultimately many youth may be vulnerable to social problems in future.

  2. Cheten Norbu

    i think it will be better if the BBS can show their suspects faces on TV so that we can recognize those

  3. RT

    May I,

    1. As the common rumour for attending job interview is that, it is waste of time attending a job interview if you do not have someone to support you to get through the interview. May be there is some way out to erase this unhealty rumour from the mind of the youth. This, they feel might be true becasue they try to attend few interviews where they are at low ranking when it comes to merit as the candidate are more and the vacancies are less (Donot have the better or the best ingrdients for the given job). Basically, ALL YOUTH SHOULD FEEL/SHOULD BE ENCOURAGING WHEN IT COMES TO ATTENDING JOB INTERVIEWS.

    2. Notorious youth/peole are not hesitant of going to jail/city police centre these days. They donot fear Police meaning law enforcer, may be law. They are treated nicely as per the law. Police say they are abide by the instruction as per the law. Laws/rules which is not healty for the society may need scrutiny. Let it be bad for few in the begining, but later it might prove to be worthy for the society (me, you, mine, yours, every body, even to those few notorious).

    3. Some time I feel that are we not glorifying these unscruplous/notorious youth/peolpe by broadcasting in the media because they think in opposite manner to the normal human being.

  4. kidzee metalboy

    it is not sole issue of youth unemployment and subconscious mind. we should accept this as a sign of development transition. in this type of matters it alerts government to take different measures way and around. experts usually weigh this as an weak enforcement of law. somewhere somewhat something is really pulling wrong. i with many research would like to urge government to enforce such a law where moment one think about crime they have immense fear.
    our cops should be provided with the authorization to shoot below the knee, if not at least a shock then.
    but this facilities should be backed by strict order and evidences like with powerful camera’s in police van.
    otherwise now we are left with no choice. stabbing became kind of pride and fashion among youths today.

    • narcotics sir

      i personally dont think that strict enforcement law would do any better in the long run. it would result in more harm than good; many youths as well as the police would be in danger and many of them could even die as youth would also adopt more dangerous methods to retaliate.
      the best option in the long run would be to deal with the root cause of all the problems viz., drugs, alcohol abuse, unemployment, family problems, etc. the govt is trying to provide employment to the maximum possible and also trying to dissuade the use of drugs and narcotic substances. but ultimately it all lies in the hands of individual users. their morality and little effort from every parents would be more helpful in curbing the social ills than all the efforts from govt alone (4th druk gyalpo).

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