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Windstorm leaves a trail of destruction in Dargyethang in Shompangkha

Karma Wangdi, Gelegphu
Mar 30, 2018

  Strong winds accompanied by hailstones and heavy shower lashed Dargyethang village in Shompangkha Gewog in Sarpang yesterday, damaging about 10 poultry farms and killing close to 500 birds.

The windstorm has also damaged a few temporary sheds and blew off roofs of few houses.

More than 6,000 areca nut trees, maize fields  and banana trees are reported to have been either flattened or damaged.

The actual extent of damage would be known once the dzongkhag officials complete their damage assessment at the site.

The villagers are afraid that the disaster has wiped their sources of livelihood. Many in the village depend on poultry for income.

Others rely on areca nut. They said the areca nut trees have just started flowering. They now fear the trees wouldn’t bear fruits.

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