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Making them equal

Jan 31, 2012

The month-long Youth Enrichment Service Camp for the class VIII and IX Gyalpoi Tozeys or His Majesty’s Kidu students concluded in Tsirang today. The camp was organised by the Gyalpoi Zimpon’s office under the command of His Majesty the King.

The camp is a personal initiative of His Majesty the King for the Kidu students. The camp, in His Majesty’s own words, “is to provide kindness, justice and equality to the disadvantaged and vulnerable students” of our country.

It was organized to enable them to perform equally well with other students both academically and in other fields. Student participants said the camp has given them confidence to lead a better live in the future.

“There are lots of differences even in the same subjects we learn in the school. For example, only one teacher teaches English in the school. But here we have around five English teachers teaching us. So it’s very enriching for us,” said Letho, a participant.

Another Kidu recipient, TsheringChoden, said that they were guided towards the right track without any distinction from other students. “If we were not granted kidu, we don’t know what we would be doing and where we would be just now. So I would like to pay my homage to His majesty for granting this kidu. We submit to His majesty and promise to serve His Majesty, the Country and the People,” she added.

Twenty six resource persons guided the students during the camp in Tsirang. They were selected from schools across the country. The camp, according to them, is unique and equally enriching. “The teaching and learning process in this camp is totally different. There is lots of difference even in the way an essay is being taught in the school and here in the camp. This is because we were oriented with new and different teaching and guiding skills for the camp,” said Thinley Namgay, one of the resource persons.

During the programme students were enriched with academic, life skills and values through various activities. “We hope, in the future, this programme will sustain so that the students can be skillfully productive citizens to live up to the expectation of His Majesty the King,” said another resource person, TandinWangmo.

The students took part in various physical and life skills activities. They were taught social values through Driglam Namzha classes, cleaning campaign and scouting programmes. They were provided counseling and guidance on issues related to youth. Special tutorial classes were also conducted for English and Mathematics to increase their proficiency.

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