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Reviving traditional way of dining in schools

Tshering Zam, Trashigang
Jul 28, 2017

Schools in Trashi Yangtse Dzongkhag will now put into practice the traditional way of dining using Phob and Torey.

This is part of the skills taught to some 300 teachers at the Yangtse Sherig Convention which ended today. The convention is first of its kind in the country.

With a white piece of cloth in hand, teachers demonstrated on how to fold and unfold the Torey. Teachers also learned how to use the Phob or cup. Many of them are not very familiar with the tradition.

Back in schools, imported utensils are commonly used while traditional dining is rarely practiced.

“In the past, Lhakhangs, Goendheys and especially villagers used Phob and Torey,” said the Principal of Khamdang Lower Secondary School, Kul Bahadur Sinchuri. “We see this culture slowly declining in the communities. “Therefore we feel it is important that at least we teach our children on our traditional way of dining.”

A Shali Primary School teacher Namgay Rinchen said though the school has only over 70 students, efforts will be taken to revive the tradition.

“We will take out time and teach them at least once in a month,” he said. “Even if they cannot afford it, we the teachers will contribute and let them enjoy their meal in Phob and Torey.”

This revival in schools expected to preserve the tradition which was common in the past.

“Introducing this as part of Yangtse Sherig Convention is mainly to let the people know that there is a traditional way of dining together,” said the Chief Dzongkhag Education Officer, Kinzang Dendup. “That is why we want all 301 teachers to actually get this opportunity and organise this kind of dining i their schools,” he added.

Apart from this, the four-day convention also saw teachers discuss teaching pedagogy, team and class building, and cooperative learning.

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