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Principal of Damphu HSS denies allegations against him

Namgay Wangchuk, Tsirang
Jul 26, 2017

Tsirang District Court

The Principal of Damphu Higher Secondary School in Tsirang denied all the allegations made against him by Bal Bahadur Subbha, the brother of school’s former cook, Harka Bahadur Subbha, who went missing for almost nine days in Bangkok during study tour in January this year.

The Principal refuted the allegation that he terminated Harka Bahadur Subbha from his job. He said he does not have the authority to terminate his staff. The principal further pointed out that the former school’s cook and his family failed to report to the school management committee, even when asked several times.

He also denied forging documents, while taking Harka to Bangkok on study tour as an agriculture instructor and unaccepted the accusation of being responsible for Harka’s health when he returned from Bangkok.

The principal, however, outlined in his rebuttal statement blamed Harka for ruining the study tour after he went missing. He also said Harka had no money when he was lost, but when found, he was having Thai Baht. So the Principal demanded that Harka should prove the source of the money.

Regarding the accusation of not providing medical treatment, Principal said the school had to withdraw its willingness to bear medical expenses after Harka’s family did not show any concern for him. Harka will rebut on Friday.


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