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More youth in Pema Gatshel engage in agriculture

Thinley Dorji, Pema Gatshel
Jul 25, 2017

An increasing number of out-of-school youth in Pema Gatshel is forming farming groups to earn a livelihood.

A little while back, seven girls had quit school and started a farming group in Norboogang Gewog. Their first farm task was cultivating paddy in Tenzinwama Village.

They aspire to alleviate the drudgery of age-old practice of agriculture and adopt modern approach towards it. The youth farming group in Norboogang said some members qualified to attend further educational trainings but they decided to work in fields.

“It’s so difficult to get job even if you have a university degree certificate, so I thought, if we can explore all the best parts of farming, the end result would be fulfilling,” said one of the members, Rinzin Dekar.

The group endeavours to be the flag bearer of youth farming.

“When we work in group, we can gather innovative ideas of agricultural works,” added Rinzin.

Their only worry is not having permanent land to grow crops. Currently, they are working on 2 acres lease land.

“If the land owners said, they have work in their land, then we have to explore all places which is challenging at times,” said Kunzang Cheki, another member of youth farming group.

The dzongkhag agriculture sector assured the group to help in getting the land on lease. It provided farming tools to group when planting paddy saplings.

The group will also plant winter chillies.



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