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Youth on a journey towards self transformation

Sonam Pem, Thimphu
Jul 14, 2017

To help youth embody Gross National Happiness (GNH) in their everyday practice, over 30 youth from various schools and colleges are on a journey of self transformation.

The five-day GNH youth leadership programme that began today in Thimphu is expected to reinvigorate and refresh young minds with a higher purpose in their lives.

The participants are learning how to be mindful in each activity they perform.

“Bhutan is a small country with youth diverted towards westernized culture where they land up using drugs. Such workshops can really help at an individual level to at least know our true self and then to know our own purpose of our existence,” one of the participants, Kinley, said. “If individually we can do well, then I think at a national level we can at least bring harmony in the society and at the family level.”

Another participant said the programme is an opportunity to learn more about GNH, its practice and being mindful and getting out from substance abuse.

“These days youth are engaged in gang fights, drugs and all,” said Lakdil Dorji Dema. “So GNH gives that path to move forward and improve their lifestyle.”

The Executive Director of the GNH Centre Dr. Saamdu Chetri said the answer to solving many youth related problems lies within the values of Gross National Happiness.

“GNH is a very powerful tool whether it is at the individual level, community level or at the government level. Now you refer to at the individual level, for our youth it is in fact the only medicine, the cure that you have today is GNH simply because with these practices, you learn to be who you are. You learn to understand your inner self, your own mind, nature of your mind and then you have this calming effect. GNH can help all youth that are depressed, that are anxious, that live in the past and feel very sorrow about their own life and living.”

As transformation of the world is brought about by the transformation of oneself, the participants are likely to become the young ambassadors of Gross National Happiness in creating awareness and bringing change.

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