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Former Dungpa and 2 others appeal to Sarpang Court

Karma Wangdi, Gelegphu
Jun 30, 2017

Former Gelegphu Dungpa Pema Wangdi, former Dungkhag Administrative Assistant Sonam Norbu and a contractor, Tobgay Dradul, are appealing to the Sarpang District Court.

The Gelegphu Dungkhag Court forwarded the case to the Sarpang District Court today. The three individuals submitted a petition to the dungkhag court on Monday  for the case to be forwarded to the district court.

The Dungkhag court sentenced the three to a prison term of 15, 8 and 2 years and 6 months respectively in a verdict passed on June 14.

The former Dungpa was found guilty of corruption, forgery, official misconduct and bribery among others, while the former Dungkhag Administrative Assistant was convicted for fund embezzlement, forgery, passive bribery, aiding and abetting.

Tobgay Dradul is one of the three contractors convicted for forgery and deceptive practice.

Along with the three of them, the dungkhag court had also sentenced 18 other individuals to a prison term ranging from three months to five years for their corrupt practices in cases concerning the Losel cinema hall, and Gelegphu hot spring and Sershong crematorium renovation projects.

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