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Construction of Damphu Hospital halfway through

Namgay Wangchuk, Tsirang
Mar 28, 2017

Construction of 40 bedded hospital in Damphu in Tsirang is over 50 percent complete. The new medical structure is being built adjacent to the existing hospital, on an area of over 1.2 acres.

According to the project officials, during the initial phase of the construction, works came to the standstill for over a month due to monsoon. However, they asserted, works are not behind the schedule.

“If we judge from the progress that is going on, we are optimistic that we will complete the construction on time which is scheduled for May, 2018,” said the Project Manager, Karma.

The new hospital will be equipped with advanced medical equipment and other facilities. After the completion of the hospital, it will not only cater to the people of Tsirang but also the people of Dagana Dzongkhag and staff of Punatsangchhu hydropower projects.

The hospital is being built with financial assistance of Nu 254 M from the Government of India. Its construction commenced in May, 2015.





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