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Alcohol abuse triggers violence against children

Kinley Yangden, Thimphu
Oct 28, 2016

Alcohol abuse is one of the most significant triggering factors of violence against children in the country, revealed the National Commission for Women and Children’s research on violence against children.

Alcohol use by parents, step-parents and caregivers can impair their sense of responsibility leaving them incapable to perform daily household chores. Alcoholic adult spends money on alcohol rather than on basic needs. Hence the children’s basic needs are neglected.

Some children quit school to provide for their family since their alcoholic parents are unable to work.

“When there is domestic violence in the family because of alcohol, when there is quarrel between parents or family members, children tries to stop the quarrel or tries to stop the fight between their parents. As a consequence, they sometimes face violence such as physical violence and also emotional violence,” NCWC’s Programme Officer, Ugyen Wangchuk.

Some adults sexually abuse their children or they are too drunk to prevent another adult from sexually abusing their children.

Growing up with alcoholic parents can also cause long term damage to a child’s psychological wellbeing as they fail to nurture their children. Children, who suffer abuse, often grow up to be alcoholic themselves. They often become abusive parents.

“… If it is a young girl…she would become weak. I mean in a way she would accept violence as a normal thing. So probably she might not even want to report or talk to anyone later in her life if she becomes a victim,” said RENEW’s Counselling Unit Head, Karma Chhoden.

Officials say the findings of the National Commission for Women and Children can be used to prevent and respond to violence against children.

Other factors leading to violence against children are economic status, divorce, social norms and disability.


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