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Government awaits BICMA’s report to decide on third telecom operator

Phub Gyem, Thimphu
Sep 15, 2016

Chief Communication Officer, Wangay Dorji

The government is waiting for Bhutan InfoComm and Media Authority’s report on ‘Quality of Service Experience’ to decide if a third telecom operator is needed.

The Government, during a meet the press session in May, had said they will look into the possibility of bringing in a third operator by September, if the two existing operators do not improve their services.

BICMA carried out a survey on Quality of Service Experience in eight Dzongkhags besides Thimphu.

The survey began in December, last year.

The survey, according to BICMA, reviews user perspectives on mobile network services, which will be tallied with the results of Key Performance Indicator of the operators.

Key performance indicator refers to the network performance of every tower. The authority has been analysing the network performance of 50 mobile network towers in Thimphu for five consecutive months starting April this year.

“If there is a problem we will try to see where the problem is. So that as a regulator we have a clear picture of what the real problem is all about,” said BICMA’s Chief Communication Officer, Wangay Dorji.

As the regulatory authority for information, communication and telecom and media sector, BICMA also signed a performance agreement with Bhutan Telecom and TashiCell in March this year to ensure improved mobile network service.

However, BICMA said their idea of survey is intended to improve service delivery and has nothing to do with third operator.



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