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ACC in an aggressive recruitment mode: Kinley Yangzom

Changa Dorji, Thimphu
May 31, 2016

ACC in an aggressive recruitment mode- Kinley YangzomEven after introducing professional allowance of 20-45 percent in 2010, the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) still continues to be under-staffed.

ACC has 90 people out of which only 26 are investigators against 529 pending cases the commission has as of now.

ACC’s Chairperson, Kinley Yangzom said the commission’s brand discourages people from joining ACC.

“The face of ACC is investigation. And when you hear of ACC’s investigations and given the nature of investigations…it can be very stressful for people who are carrying out the investigations.”

The Chairperson also said people tend to socially isolate employees working with ACC. “Not just the employees, even family members feel isolated and stigmatised. So, parents discourage their children from joining ACC.”

ACC would require additional 77 staff in the next four years.

Since the commission is expecting their job to get tougher with rapid growth of technology and emerging complex cases, ACC is in an aggressive recruitment mode, according to Kinley Yangzom.

They are using Civil Service Act of Bhutan to recruit professionals with integrity to meet their human resource requirement.

“The Royal Civil Service Commission, because as civil servants we are governed by civil service act as well as BCSR. We will see how best we can move forward.”

She said RCSC has already approved their staffing structure.

Their target this year is to recruit 24. Six have already been recruited.

The ACC hopes to complete their recruitment by this July.

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