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Reservoir to the rescue

Komal Kharka, Wangdue Phodrang
May 19, 2016

Reservoir to the rescueA reservoir, with a storage capacity of 2,50,000 litres of water, has raised hopes of farmers in Rubesa Gewog under Wangdue Phodrang to revive their mainstay; paddy cultivation.

These farmers, otherwise, had to leave 38 acres of wetland fallow for many years given the lack of irrigation water.

“We have had water problem in Rubesa for a long time. Since we depend on farming, we need water. I think, this initiative will benefit us,” said a farmer, Karma Wangdi.

The reservoir is expected to supply water to about 50 households in the gewog.

It will be filled with rainwater and water from a nearby source.

“Even if the water from the source is a trickle, the reservoir will make it possible to collect and store water,” said the Dzongkhag’s senior Agriculture Officer, Sonam Zangpo.

He also said the water from the reservoir can be used to grow vegetables and fruits.

The reservoir is expected to be operational by the end of this month.

Rubesa Gewog, with the help of dzongkhag administration, is constructing the reservoir.

It is being funded by ICIMOD.

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