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Denchi declared as Pema Gatshel’s Dzongkhag Thromde

Cheten Dupchu, Thimphu
Nov 26, 2015

Denchi declared as Pema Gatshel’s Dzongkhag ThromdeAs recommended by the special committee, the parliament declared Denchi as Pema Gatshel’s Dzongkhag Thromde and Nganglam as Yenlag Thromde. They also declared Betekha as Paro’s Yenlag Thromde.

The special committee was formed after the parliament’s joint sitting failed to decide on these thromdes. The discussion had begun in the last summer session.

Prior to the endorsement this time, the committee of 12 members from both the houses, held many discussions.

The committee’s Chairperson and Wangdue Phodrang’s NC MP, Tashi Dorji said the recommendations for endorsement were submitted based on the principles of balanced regional development and decentralization.

As mandated by the Constitution, all the dzongkhags now have Dzongkhag Thromdes and Yenlag Thromdes.

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