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Sharing clips perpetuating racial stereotypes a serious offense: Chief of Police

Aug 19, 2015

Sharing clips perpetuating racial stereotypes a serious offense- Chief of Police- The Chief of Police, Brigadier Kipchu Namgyel says sharing video clips perpetuating racial stereotypes is a serious offense. He said it could cause communal disharmony in the country.

Animated video clips, deemed derogatory by many, have gone viral on social media.

Brigadier Kipchu Namgyel said people, who make and share such clips on social media, would be charged with promotion of civil unrest under the penal code of Bhutan and National Security Act.

The offense of promotion of civil unrest is a felony of third degree with a prison term ranging from five years to a maximum of 9 years.

2 Comments for “Sharing clips perpetuating racial stereotypes a serious offense: Chief of Police”

  1. Dorji

    Racial stereotypes must be defined first. It also should really understand whether it will really cause communal disharmony.The clips shown is nothing but a satirical take on society. If those people were to be charged, they should start from comedian who make fun of certain types of people based on their mother-tongue and where they lived. Imposing penalty using National Security Act could be little harsh without proper study whether it really create disharmony. In other way round, we can look at it as
    creating awareness on different mind set of people based on what language they use and where they live

  2. Aahishh

    I was the first victim and still I get disturbed. the fact is in Bhutan there is a law but it is not as strong as it should be. I feel this is a very serious issue and need to tackle sooner the better. Hope new and improved thoughts from respective agencies will help curb the issue.

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