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Opposition says government fails to deliver its biggest pledge

Jun 19, 2015

Opposition says government fails to deliver its biggest pledgeOpposition says the government has miserably failed to deliver one of its biggest election pledges; to create adequate jobs and provide full employment. While they had promised to create 120,000 jobs by 2018, the members of the Opposition believe it is different in reality.

The Opposition said, to create 120,000 jobs the government has to create 24,000 jobs a year. Since 2013 only over 2,000 jobs has been created. And at the current rate, the government would be creating 5,600 jobs by the end of five years.

“Full employment means 97.5 percent. Now the government has made estimation that in order to achieve it there needs to be job creation of 82,000. They have estimated to create 42,000 jobs in the industrial, hydropower and through FDI. 30,000 jobs through overseas employment and the remaining 10,000 within the country in micro and macros sectors but only as temporary arrangements like attachment and apprentices,” said Kengkhar-Weringla MP, Rinzin Jamtsho.

The Opposition said the government has no clue as to how to address the unemployment issue and is indifferent to the problem faced by the youth. They said simply blaming the youth for not taking up the jobs and talking about mismatch will not address the problem.



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  1. tblaksam

    For drastic employment oppertunity, a country’s economy has to grow in leaps and bounds. For the latter to happen, previous government had strangled Bhutanese economy to near-death. What do we expect now? However, there is a steady progress being made in encouraging jobseekers to take up anything around for earning. There is job market in the country, but jobseekers’ tastes are different. This is our attitude. The opposition should ask the youth to develop taste in the kind of jobs available in the country. Don’t you have the same responsibility too and not yap around misleading people?

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